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Zen and the Art of Giving Head (7:29PM EST) Madame XTC
The first thing that should be mentioned in this article is the importance of PRACTICE � it�s the only way to really get good at going down on him! Monogamous relationships are usually the best time to practice giving head because you�ll feel more comfortable with your partner and they are more likely to offer you honest feedback, but you can probably find willing volunteers for experimentation just about everywhere you look! (I mean, what guy is going to turn down a free blowjob???)

#1. Going South: So you�ve decided to give your guy an oil change. How do you make the move to align the necessary body parts without just scooting your way to the foot of the bed? My favorite move is The Teaser, which basically consists of getting on all fours so that you are hovering over his body (your knees BETWEEN his legs), and then shifting your weight so that your ass moves toward your heels. Depending on height, this will usually put your mouth at or near nipple level and your breasts right over the target. With some �side-to-side� action, you can give his nipples a little lick (yeah, guys like that too!) and brush your breasts up against him, getting him ready for the coming attraction. But wait � you don�t want to give it up that fast! The point of the teaser is to actually increase the anticipation which heightens the experience, so you want to shift back up so that you�re face to face again and give him one of those coy �I-know-what-you-want-but-I�m-not-going-to-give-it-to-you-yet� smiles. Believe me, after a few repetitions of this move and he�ll be beggin� for more!

#2. Getting situated: Girls, this is VERY important. You want to get into a position that allows you to move around a little, but you also want to make sure that you�ve got a good angle. My personal preference is a kneeling position between his legs, propping myself up with left arm which leaves my right arm free. Of course, there�s always Option 69, but that�s a whole other article!

#3. First Contact: By now he�s probably squirming a little and it�s time to make first contact. Where�s the best place to start? It�s a spot at the base of the head on the underside (that�s facing you when he�s got an erection) that is the mother of all pressure points on the penis. In my experiences, starting with a little �curly-q� there gets a pretty good size moan out of them! Wrap your mouth around JUST the head and press your tongue against that spot repeatedly, pressing the head into the roof of your mouth. Watch the teeth, and try not to use your hands yet � you want to save that for later. First contact should always center around JUST the head the of the penis. And by all means, don�t just open your mouth and start bobbing up and down . . . you need to be a little creative!

#4. Going Deep: You�ve got him where you want him, but what do you do now? After a few minutes of head-only action, you should start to incorporate some deep-throating. Again, DO NOT use your hands yet � try to do all of this with just your mouth! When you�ve got everything in a good position, work your way down a little bit at a time. Do this SLOWLY — unless you have the throat muscles of a porn star, moving down too quickly will instantly initiate the gag reflex and that WILL NOT turn him on! By going slow you�ll be able to go deeper, which is the whole point of this exercise. Each time you retreat, try taking it completely out of your mouth and starting over again with a few licks on the head.

#5. Oiling the machine: An important part of giving a quality blowjob is to make sure that you�ve got everything well lubricated. It may sound a little gross, but you need to cover everything with a good layer of saliva to keep unnecessary friction to a minimum � you definitely don�t want to rub him raw! Any guy will tell you that a dry blowjob is a bad one (just imagine being licked by the tongue of a cat!).

#6. Initiating the Hand: So far, you�ve been using your mouth to stimulate the nerves lying on the surface of the penis. This is great for getting him turned on, but to make him cum it�s probably going to take a lot more than that! The key is to simulate vaginal sex with your mouth and the aid of your hand (the hand has the ability to apply the necessary pressure to reach those deeper nerves that the mouth can�t). DON�T just grab it � you want to introduce the hand gracefully to keep from scaring him. The easiest way is to just glide your finger on the inside of his thigh, over his balls, and then GENTLY wrap them around the base of the penis.

#7. Getting Serious: The first stage of the blowjob is the foreplay; you�re basically getting everything ready for stage 2. In stage 1, you can do things creatively and have fun with it, but as you progress you need to come up with an actually strategy for getting him off. This is the point in the game where you need to decide what you�re plan is and then stick too it! The worst thing in the world is getting a guy to this point and then not being able to follow through with what you started. If you�re serious about giving him the full service, move on to step 7. Otherwise, get your legs in the air!

#8. Finding your rhythm: Now that you�ve got everything oiled and in position, it�s time to start thinking about rhythm. You want to start off with a slow beat and work your way to something faster � you might want to pick a repetitive phrase that you say to yourself as you�re �getting the groove on� in order to keep time. You�re also going to have to pick a combination of moves . . . I�m not going to tell you what mine are because they are a trade secret! But, you generally want to try to use your hand for the main stroke, followed by a generous helping of mouth � and don�t forget the importance of the tongue in all of this. Try to keep most of the pressure coming from your hand on the sides of the shaft, and keep the tongue pressed on the underside where that pressure point is. Some guys like more pressure when you�re moving from the base to the head, and some like it more when you�re stroking from the head to the base, and there are always those that like it in both directions. When you become more advanced, you can try moving you left hand to the muscle between the balls and the anus (another great pressure point!) and applying pressure there in a circular motion with your index and middle fingers.

#9. Bringing it Home: I�m going to assume that all of this has worked for you so far and you are getting him to the brink of salvation. Here we need to look at another important issue: spit or swallow. I�ve always been a swallow girl myself because I genuinely like the taste of it and it�s great for my skin! But, some girls just can�t handle the swallow (wimps!) and so you need to figure out how you�re going to get rid of the load once it�s delivered. If he�s nice enough to tell you when it�s coming, you can just casually move your mouth away and your body up so that he�s aimed at your tits � just remember to keep stroking with your hand or else you might lose him! If he�s NOT that nice of a guy, then you�ll need to plan ahead and have a washcloth or something nearby to deposit the wad into. And then there�s snowballing, but if he�s into that then he�s going to have to tell you about it because I�m not!

So, that�s it: 9 steps to a great blowjob. Of course, there are always variations that you can do, and steps that you can add as you become more advanced, but by practicing these you�ll be heading in the right direction!