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– Friday June 13 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Fat Broads (5:00PM EST) Jack
I’m really sick of this fucking shitty weather we’re having lately. It’ssummer times for gods sake. We’re supposed to have 80 degrees and girls shouldbe wearing as little as possible. Instead it’s been raining every fucking dayand the only skimpy clothing I’m seeing is on the wicked fat broads at the gym.It never ceases to amaze me that a girl who should be wearing the XXXL shortscan actually fit in spandex that looks more like a rubber band than gym shorts.It also makes me pretty fucking nauseous, but that’s beside the point.

So how is every one else doing? Hopefullygetting and laid and getting paid, because that’s what it’s all about. I can’twait until this weekend because it will involve the 3 things I love the most.Watching the Red Sox kick some ass, drinking beers, gambling, getting laid, anddrinking some more. Well, that’s like 5 things but who’s counting right? Me andthe woman are taking off Sunday morning to catch the Sox, then zipping down toMohegan Sun for a little well deserved mini-vacation. The weather seems to belooking good, and I have a good feeling about the gambling. The last time wewent I hit it big three times, so this is basically a free trip. I’ll try andmake another post on Saturday before we take off, but just incase I’ve loadedthis one up with enough porn to last you until Monday.

Checkout the Garage Dogs new website.They’re a classy band who like to bringstrippers up on stage with them while they perform. Sometimes they even letpeople in the audience get a round backstage with one of the girls. They’replaying in California right now so check them out if you’re in the area.

Last night I was pretty bored so I went down tothe only club in the Western Mass area. Luckily the drinks were flowing likewater and the bitches were wicked hot! Check out these sample pics for some ofthe hottest girls you’ve ever seen.

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Every other email I get is aboutposting pictures of my girlfriend Monica. In the past I’ve wanted to protect heridentity because I don’t all you Internet nerds drooling over her. But I’mfinally going to give in and post the pictures that every one wants to see!!Check out my beautiful girlfriend Monica and be jealous that I get to fuck herevery night.

– Monica – Monica – Monica -Monica – Monica – Monica –

She’s wicked fucking hot huh!?!?

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