Women’s Fantasies :: I Want a New Girlfriend

1. Most women’s fantasies involve sex with their current lover. This is very much a true statement. Most women will fantasize about things they have done, or things they want to do with their current lover.

2. A Past Lover Any guy that’s been having sex with a girl, and hears her call out another man’s name knows the truth in this. It’s never happened to me, but I can sympathise with anyone who has had it happen to them. These fantasies are usually about a past lover….. I guess this isn’t so bad because she’s not really acting on the fantasy, yet.

3. Hot Kinky Lesbian Sex This can be both a women and a man’s fantasy. I know it’s my fantasy to see two chicks go at it…. I’ve only see it once, but that’s a story for another day. This little peice of info might help some of you guys to get your girls to experiment. Girl on Girl is more accepted than fag love.

4. Oral Sex Oral sex seesm to be the cool thing going on these days. I remember a few years ago it was like this taboo subject, and now all I hear is how guys don’t do oral right. More and more movies are showing guys going down on a chick and I guess more and more women are expecting it. So your best bet is practice your technique and make sure she’s pleased in that department.

5. Make Her Feel Like a God Women like to be pampered and this one fantasy that’s really easy to fulfill. Just treat her like the god that she is…. Cook dinner, light some candles, break out the massage oil, and presto, she’s in heaven. Simple things like that can really make her day.

6. Sexual Healing Some women like nice soft gentle sex, but all women really want to be taken. Now I don’t mean jump on top of your girl and forcefully have sex with her, but make sure she knows you’re in control. On the other hand some times women want to be the aggressor and have the total control.