Dealing with The Breakup :: I Want a New Girlfriend

There is a big difference between breaking up with your girlfriend and getting over you’re girlfriend. A standard dump can take any where from 1 min to an hour, depending on how long you try and delay the inevitable. But in the end nothing has changed and you’re still heart-broken. What you need to do is get rid of her for good. But ever after a weeks, there are still little feelings of sadness and regret. What can you do about that?

Most people say the amount of time that it takes to get over a love is half of the amount of time that you went out for. If you went out for a year, it may take six months before you’re ready to move on. I don’t really buy into that idea, because I’m ready to move on the next day. But the time is different for everybody. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to ease the pain.

Write a Letter: You’ve probably heard this many times, but never thought you’d be doing it. Write a letter addressed to your ex with everything you wanted to say but didn’t. Pissed that she went out with her friends one night instead of you, write it down. Mad that she slept with Julio the gardner, put that down too. Don’t hold back at all, you want to get out every feeling that you can. It’s unhealthy to hold in these feelings, plus they’re just going to remind you of your ex.

Focus on Your Good Qualities: After a breakup you’re probably feeling down about yourself and not feeling as attractive. I remember feeling this way when my dream girl broke up with me. I kept questioning what I did wrong, and what I could do to change it. What I didn’t realize was that I was still the same person that I was when we started going out. I hadn’t changed, we had just grown apart. After a break up make a list of the good things about yourself. Even if it’s stupid shit like I can make awesome Tuna Casserole. Always remember that there is someone out there that will want you for these traits.

Work-Out: Nothing will make you feel better than working out. After a couple of weeks you’ll look better, and who knows maybe even meet a new person there. When you’re on the treadmill think about running away from your ex. Picture that you’re in a race and you’re beating you ex. It’s perfect healthy therapy.

If your ex is still on your mind then you may need more intense treatment. Try strip clubs, bars, and in extreme cases, hookers. Although the pain can be intense it will go away eventually. Nothing lasts forever, and you’ll get over it.