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Monthly Statistics for June 2002Total Hits3871028Total Files2084470Total Pages1398222Total Visits162962Total KBytes22906167Total Unique Sites116936Total Unique URLs67Total Unique Referrers1548Total Unique Usernames8Total Unique User Agents6093.Avg Max Hits per Hour537613275Hits per Day129034171208Files per Day6948294490Pages per Day4660761727Visits per Day54327841KBytes per Day7635391044940Hits by Response CodeUndefined response code8Code 200 – OK2084470Code 206 – Partial Content985Code 301 – Moved Permanently13Code 302 – Found387077Code 304 – Not Modified1394480Code 400 – Bad Request29Code 401 – Unauthorized35Code 403 – Forbidden1Code 404 – Not Found3548Code 408 – Request Timeout382

Daily usage for June 2002

Daily Statistics for June 2002DayHitsFilesPagesVisitsSitesKBytes11089532.81%565162.71%397062.84%38682.37%39313.36%5880312.57%21225993.17%636243.05%433453.10%38492.36%39093.34%6519962.85%31346713.48%687393.30%472373.38%44162.71%44953.84%7289713.18%41269193.28%659923.17%459163.28%47692.93%47854.09%6858422.99%51361083.52%704893.38%478383.42%44972.76%45443.89%7242373.16%61338803.46%737103.54%510903.65%46622.86%46924.01%7541383.29%71184983.06%635203.05%421383.01%42982.64%42733.65%6586632.88%8953502.46%511412.45%322912.31%40652.49%39953.42%5579502.44%91080612.79%583002.80%370162.65%42452.60%42683.65%6541642.86%101288903.33%681683.27%450603.22%49193.02%48664.16%7676753.35%111317873.40%711943.42%473073.38%54413.34%53654.59%7873913.44%121261353.26%685033.29%449313.21%50313.09%50034.28%7673383.35%131272863.29%693223.33%458493.28%58083.56%57904.95%7654423.34%141352983.50%731213.51%487913.49%61443.77%59745.11%8262053.61%151348333.48%722063.46%489133.50%63013.87%60755.20%8070123.52%161352853.49%752243.61%512053.66%62973.86%60425.17%8394753.66%171424933.68%798093.83%541923.88%66484.08%64815.54%8784953.84%181335113.45%719993.45%484003.46%68594.21%76286.52%8074423.52%191640264.24%900604.32%601404.30%78414.81%76386.53%9763074.26%201712084.42%944904.53%617274.41%74954.60%71236.09%10449404.56%211245693.22%704393.38%445453.19%65684.03%64145.49%7444593.25%221371463.54%744753.57%525903.76%61473.77%59565.09%8483293.70%231507503.89%821803.94%554313.96%67544.14%66055.65%9333664.07%241536303.97%826953.97%561464.02%71264.37%70196.00%9362204.09%251204313.11%646943.10%441163.16%57753.54%57634.93%7413613.24%261293203.34%682963.28%460433.29%54433.34%54014.62%7790823.40%271233173.19%655773.15%440063.15%52233.21%52214.46%7577033.31%28978722.53%533772.56%348832.49%43412.66%44373.79%5890512.57%291015362.62%553012.65%362932.60%40592.49%40493.46%6060722.65%301166663.01%613092.94%410772.94%46832.87%46894.01%6988113.05%

Hourly usage for June 2002

Hourly Statistics for June 2002HourHitsFilesPagesKBytesAvgTotalAvgTotalAvgTotalAvgTotal064561936895.00%34701041184.99%2326697824.99%3783711351034.96%165031951145.04%35261057905.08%2424727295.20%3859511578475.05%261841855324.79%3327998194.79%2305691684.95%3715511146624.87%350271508343.90%2662798713.83%1801540423.87%298198945733.91%440111203453.11%2114634213.04%1408422423.02%236837104763.10%536591097882.84%1935580662.79%1278383502.74%218116543162.86%63272981742.54%1769530872.55%1170351112.51%195945878102.57%73192957882.47%1694508252.44%1155346792.48%188695660642.47%834621038882.68%1898569602.73%1267380152.72%209276278012.74%941601248253.22%2252675773.24%1492447753.20%247847435243.25%1049381481573.83%2666799943.84%1785535793.83%291898756573.82%1153661610004.16%2906871894.18%1953586014.19%319449583224.18%1256071682384.35%2993898154.31%2037611174.37%330029900564.32%1358121743884.50%3127938134.50%2092627804.49%3449410348184.52%1461781853424.79%3331999544.80%2251675334.83%3673811021314.81%1563871916334.95%34571037144.98%2311693394.96%3795511386494.97%1664081922474.97%34861045855.02%2287686214.91%3744111232444.90%1765241957425.06%35441063445.10%2341702445.02%3849211547465.04%1866852005625.18%35721071645.14%2381714365.11%3882211646675.08%1966531996185.16%35991079885.18%2380714125.11%3902411707215.11%2058841765404.56%3197959194.60%2119635824.55%3474210422594.55%2154171625134.20%2906871964.18%1966590034.22%318729561604.17%2253011590534.11%2849854704.10%1917575334.11%316109482994.14%2359331780184.60%3193957914.60%2151645494.62%3514210542624.60%Top 30 of 116936 Total Sites#HitsFilesKBytesVisitsHostname180952620.91%80952638.84%1388052460.60%10.00% 10 of 116936 Total Sites By KBytes#HitsFilesKBytesVisitsHostname180952620.91%80952638.84%1388052460.60%10.00% 20 of 378 Total Search Strings#HitsSearch String1767.10%fuckacamgirl.com2524.86%fuck a cam girl3504.67%milf hunter passwords4504.67%webcam norwegian girl5393.64%milf hunter6292.71%fuck cam7292.71%fuck girl8191.77%ice kitty girl9171.59%milf10141.31%free fuck flics11131.21%fuckacamgirl12131.21%www.fuckacamgirl.com13121.12%fuck14100.93%free cam girl15100.93%free live cam girl1680.75%bang girls sex1780.75%cheerleader fuck1880.75%free life cam xxx1980.75%peaches cam.com2070.65%animals and teensTop 8 of 8 Total Usernames#HitsFilesKBytesVisitsUsername11900.00%1900.01%189140.08%10.00%jack2190.00%190.00%5580.00%10.00%vamoco3180.00%180.00%6230.00%110.01%u413783440.00%40.00%270.00%10.00%jribeiro520.00%20.00%660.00%20.00%maxgs2610.00%10.00%320.00%10.00%196750710.00%10.00%360.00%10.00%asheka810.00%10.00%360.00%10.00%wodoglutTop 15 of 6093 Total User Agents#HitsUser Agent180952620.91%PHP/4.0.6244368611.46%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)32098395.42%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)41751784.53%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)51604684.15%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)61359413.51%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Q312461)71110622.87%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98)81092712.82%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)91036942.68%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)10911562.35%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0)11796162.06%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 112570881.47%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)13414401.07%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Q312461)14379720.98%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90; Q15362030.94%Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows 98)

Usage by Country for June 2002

Top 1 of 1 Total Countries#HitsFilesKBytesCountry13871028100.00%2084470100.00%22906167100.00%Unresolved/Unknown

– Friday May 30 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

The Best Update eVeR!! (5:00PM EST) Jack
Since today is the greatest day of my short life, I’ve decided to makethis the best update in the history of this site! I’ve been working on it forhours already and it’s jam packed with porn, movies, flash, humor, boobies, andeverything else that I found on my hard drive. There’s going to be so much pornthat it’s going to take you weeks to get through it all!!!�

Today I found out that I’m only three classesaway from graduating!! It’s about time for this whole school thing to be overand done with. Luckily I only have to take one class over the summer and thentwo in the fall. I figure with this downtime it gives me a little more opportunityto work on the site,� get my A+ certification, and maybe get rid of thiswinter fat I’ve acquired. The last part is probably going to be the toughestbecause I really like to eat, and I don’t east the best foods in the world. Ihave been going to the gym, and I picked up one of those body fat analyzers so Iguess I’m on my way to that 6-pack.

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So yesterday I walk into thesupermarket and buy, 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 roll of toilet paper,1 frozen dinner, 1 can of soda, and 1 box of cereal. The woman behind thecounter says, “so you are single huh?”� I replied verysarcastically, “why would you guess that, because I am buying 1 ofeverything?” The woman replies, “no, because you are ugly.” Ofcourse you should have seen the tits on this broad. I’m pretty sure they weresagging way below her knees. It was obvious that she hadn’t been laid in yearsand was taking out her frustrations on me. Oh well though, I can’t make all theladies wet.

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One day, a boy comes home afterschool looking jubilant. His mother asks him, “Why are you so happy?”
The boy responds, “I just had sex with my English teacher.”
The mother is mortified, of course, and tells the boy his father will hear aboutthis when he gets home. So when he does get home, the mother tells him whathappened between the boy and the English teacher.
The father breaks out in smiles and says, “Congratulations, son! You�re areal man now! Let�s go out for some ice cream to celebrate!” So off tothe ice cream parlor they go, but after eating their ice cream, the dad says,”Son, I�m still so very proud of you. Let�s go to the carnival tocelebrate.” And so they do, but after the carnival, the dad says,”Son, I know you wanted a new bicycle for Christmas, but what theheck…Let�s go get that new bike now!”
The boy groans and says, “Dad, could we go get the bike later? My ass isstill kinda sore from all the sex.”

Remember the kid that made thosegreat Star Wars videos? Well here they are plus a brand new Matrix Version!Check out these three great clips!

– StarWars Kid #1 – StarWars Kid #2 – StarWars Kid #3 -�

Pretty funny stuff… I’m justglad the internet wasn’t around back when I was a fat kid. Otherwise it wouldprobably be me in that video.�

So I watched the amazing race lastnight. I really dig this show because it’s all about using your brain and yourmuscles. It doesn’t have all the gay backstabbing of Survivor, and they usuallyhave some pretty cool teams. If you watched it last year you’ll remember theex-couple won it all in the end, even though the guy deserved about 90% of thatcash. This year looks to be more of the same, with all the good stuff from lastyear. You know what they say, if it aint broke don’t fix it.

So tonight is the opening of WrongTurn. I’m looking forward to seeing it, but it’s been getting bad reviews onboth Aintit Cool and Chud.I’ll probably still end up dragging the woman to this at some point though. Justlike I’ll be bringing her to see Freddy vs. Jason. What can I say…. I’m a suckfor shitty horror movies. Cabin Fever is another one coming out this summer soit’s looking a pretty decent summer for horror popcorn flicks. Check out thetrailers for yourself and see what you think.

– WrongTurn – Freddyvs. Jason – CabinFever –

So in just a couple of weeks it’llbe the beginning of summer and the beginning of getting to sit by the pool anddo absolutely nothing. I’ll be going to the Cape for a week and staying in aphat house on one of the islands. That’ll mean a whole week of doing nothing butdrinking, smoking, fucking, and swimming. Not too shabby huh? Bet you wish youwere going to be there….

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Web wide crawl with initial seedlist and crawler configuration from March 2011. This uses the new HQ software for distributed crawling by Kenji Nagahashi.

What’s in the data set:

Crawl start date: 09 March, 2011
Crawl end date: 23 December, 2011
Number of captures: 2,713,676,341
Number of unique URLs: 2,273,840,159
Number of hosts: 29,032,069

The seed list for this crawl was a list of Alexa’s top 1 million web sites, retrieved close to the crawl start date. We used Heritrix (3.1.1-SNAPSHOT) crawler software and respected robots.txt directives. The scope of the crawl was not limited except for a few manually excluded sites.

However this was a somewhat experimental crawl for us, as we were using newly minted software to feed URLs to the crawlers, and we know there were some operational issues with it. For example, in many cases we may not have crawled all of the embedded and linked objects in a page since the URLs for these resources were added into queues that quickly grew bigger than the intended size of the crawl (and therefore we never got to them). We also included repeated crawls of some Argentinian government sites, so looking at results by country will be somewhat skewed.

We have made many changes to how we do these wide crawls since this particular example, but we wanted to make the data available “warts and all” for people to experiment with. We have also done some further analysis of the content.

If you would like access to this set of crawl data, please contact us at info at archive dot org and let us know who you are and what you’re hoping to do with it. We may not be able to say “yes” to all requests, since we’re just figuring out whether this is a good idea, but everyone will be considered.