Saturday May – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Why Are Women Psycho? (5:00PM EST) Jack
I have just one simple question, why are all you ladies so fucked upthat you can not be normal for an extended amount of time? I mean c’mon, yougirls break out crying when it’s the littlest thing in the world, you getemotionally upset any chance you can, and feel the need to “talk”about all your problems with us guys.

I’m really sick of females right now and the shit that they put on us. Whycan’t I find a normal girl that likes movies, video games, and drinking somealcohol on the weekends? Is that really too much for me to ask? Why do I get thegirls that have emotional problems and then dump all their baggage on to myalready in pain melon. I think I’m going to be celibate for this summer, becauseI really can’t take going out with another psycho broad for at least another 3months. After that though I’ll be probably be aching for the poon, so I’ll goback to my old ways…

So unless you’re a huge fucking loser, I hope you’ve seen The Matrix:Reloaded. If you haven’t your really missing out on a mind fuck of a movie. Ittotally will change the way you think about the first movie, and make you thinkthat November can’t come soon enough. I saw it Wednesday night, and for the lastfew days all I’ve been to do is read message boards and get others opinions ofthe movie. I had a few problems with the movie, including Morpheus’ speech, butin the whole it’s a fucking great sequel, and I’ll be first in line when thethird one comes out.

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Since pool time is right around the corner, I’ve decided tostart a little diet. It’s basically the no carbs diet, and right now I’m fuckingstarving. I really want is a big bowl of pasta, some popcorn, and super sizeCoke. For lunch today I got to eat a nice can of tuna, two burgers (sans bun),and some pickles. Lucky me huh? Good thing I really only have to do this for amonth, otherwise I think I’d go fucking crazy. It’s amazing how much good stuffhas carbs, and it’s really pissing me off that I can’t have any of it. Fuckingstupid beer gut….

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I Want a New Girlfriend

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