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Here for the first time ever are simple and explicit instructions on how to deep throat a penis. Position is important; you’ll want to in position where you can extend and straighten your neck by slightly tilting your head back. This helps line up your throat with your mouth allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best position for beginners is with the receiver lying on his back with the giver lying on the stomach along side. You can prop yourself up on your elbows.

The penis must be THOROUGHLY LUBRICATED! I can’t stress this enough. An erect penis will slide much easier along the tongue and into the throat if it is well lubricated. Once you’re in position, slightly tilt your head back and extend the tip of your tongue just past your bottom lip. Flatten the back of your tongue just as you would if a doctor were using a tongue depressor to look in your throat. (Extending your tongue helps flatten the back of your tongue. Force your throat open as you would if you were yawning. (contrary to popular belief, you don’t ‘relax’ your throat muscles to perform deep throat. Forcing the back of your tongue down and your throat open will counter the gag reflex and create a larger opening for the penis to enter).

Now, take a deep breath and slowly slide the length of the penis into your mouth and along your tongue. When you feel the urge to gag, pause and hold the penis there as long as possible then withdraw it. Repeat this process as many times as you can. Eventually you’ll be able to take the penis in deeper and deeper until you can take the entire length of it across your tongue and down your throat.

One thing to remember is when you get to the point where the head actually enters the throat, you may feel a little resistance and will need to give a little extra ‘push’ to get the penis fully in. It may help to use your tongue to pull the penis in deeper. When you reach the point where you feel the gag reflex, pause for a moment, then, without removing the penis from you mouth, extend your tongue out a little further, then pull your tongue back in your mouth, pulling the penis along with it.

You contact lens wearers will no doubt remember the difficulty you had overcoming the involuntary urge to blink the first few times you tried to put in your lenses, but with practice and patience it became very easy to do. The same applies to deep throating! Be patient and practice the technique as often as possible.

After you’ve learned to take in the entire length, you can begin working on some ‘advanced techniques’ that will add even more pleasure. Some of these techniques are letting you partner ejaculate with the entire length of his penis in your throat. If you don’t like the taste of cum, this is a great technique because the head of his penis will be well past the taste buds on the back of you tongue when he ejaculates.

You’ll also be able to perform a “throat massage” on his penis while it’s in your throat. This technique will drive your partner wild with passion as your throat muscles massage his penis. This is accomplished by actually making a swallowing motion while the entire length if his penis is deep in your throat. You’ll also be able to lick his balls while he’s in your throat.

If you’ve never been deep throated, you’re probably wondering what it really feels like. Most men report that they feel a “pleasurable ring of tightness” around the circumference of the penis just below the head with the most pleasurable sensation focused on the underside of the penis where the head joins the shaft.

Remember: lubrication, extend tongue, flatten back of tongue, force throat muscles open, go slow and be patient! While learning deep throat, it’s better that the giver maintain the “superior” position, i.e. where the giver controls the depth and frequency of penetration. After you’ve become very comfortable with taking a penis deep in your throat, you’ll be able to accept a more passive roll and let your partner control the depth. An excellent position for this is you lying on your back with your head hanging off the edge of the bed. Your partner will be able to put his penis in as deeply as he wishes in this position. This position provides an excellent view of your neck and throat for your partner. On of the most exciting visual aspects of deep throat is your partner can watch your neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in deep.

While learning to perform deep throat, it’s best of you are fully relaxed before starting. Take a nice, long, hot, bath. Listen to some soft music. Drink a glass of wine. Have you partner give you a long sensual body massage …. or do whatever relaxes you the best. The more relaxed you are when you begin, the easier it will be to learn the deep throat technique.

As related earlier, lubrication is extremely important. Saliva will do, but there are other lubricants you can buy that are slicker and will last longer. The best I’ve found is, believe it or not, Albolene, a makeup remover! It’s completely odorless and tasteless and in non toxic. It has been used in the adult film industry for years as a sexual lubricant. It can be purchased at any large drugstore. Another trick the adult film stars who perform deep throat use is spraying a topical anesthetic on the back of the tongue and throat to deaden it. The most commonly used is Lidocaine spray. Lidocaine is available by prescription only! Lidocaine is what a physician uses to deaden the tongue and throat when they use an endoscope to look in to your stomach. Lidocaine is also prescribed for people with very sore throats and those with canker sores in the mouth. An over the counter equivalent is Axon, a type of aerosol sore throat spray. I hope this information is helpful.

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It’s ok if you’re still a virgin if that’s what you’re trying to say as long as you’re ok with it. People will undoubtedly ridicule you for it, but it shouldn’t matter what people think. People are gonna do whatever they’re gonna do, and it’s beyond anyone’s control. You could just tell them all to go to Hell.

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My one year anniversary is coming up, and I need some ideas on what I can do for the lady. We’re already going away for Memorial Day so I earned some bonus points there. But I need something good to do for the actual night. We’ll probably end up going to her favorite restaurant (McDonalds) and taking her back to my place for a minute of some good sex. She loves it… trust me.

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  • She’s a light eater…once it gets light, she starts eating.
  • She lets you know you only have two faults: everything you do, and everything you say.
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