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June 16 – 30, 2001 Post Archive :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Friday June 29, 2001

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Thursday June 28, 2001

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Danielle’s Opinion (1:00AM EST)Jack
I was going to link an article that Die Pig wrote, but instead I’ll just link his site. So check it out, you wont be disappointed.

Every day you come to read me write about girls and what happens on our dates. Well, this time one of the girls I went out with decided (I asked her too) to write about what really went on during our date. So click here to read her take on going out with me. I think I did alright after reading what she wrote about me.

My new little project is fucking around with the message boards. Adding custom hacks and shit like that. It’s kind of my new project so check it out if you’re interested. They’re not even close to done, but it’s starting to look pretty cool. Plus there’s some good advice hidden in there somewhere, and some secret pics that I don’t post on this main page.

– Pussy – Pussy – Pussy – Pussy – Pussy – Pussy – Pussy –

Pussy, pussy, pussy! All pussy must go. At IWANGF we’re slashing pussy in half! This is a pussy blow out! Make us an offer on our vast selection of pussy! We got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, tight pussy, big pussy, bloody pussy, fat pussy, hairy pussy, smelly pussy, velvet pussy, silk pussy, Naugahyde pussy, snappin’ pussy, horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy, fake pussy! If we don’t have it, you don’t want it!

Here’s a nice little email that was sent to a girl I know. Now girls we all know are psychotic half the time, the other half they’ve got their legs spread… But here’s an email from a guy I’d like to call a Vaginized Loser.

From: Brian
I probably souldn’t send this to you, but fuck it. It’s how I feel, and I’m not going to regret not telling you how I feel.
Hello… I know you are not home yet, but I just wanted to say hello. Wow it’s only been a day since I saw you… I just can’t believe how much I miss you! I should probably leave it at that and end this e-mail, but I really want to say more. But do I?

I know you have things going on in your life now, I’m guessing more than I know about and could possibly understand. Hell, I don’t even know if you really like me. I’m not trying to push you or come on to strong, but I have never met anyone like you before. I have never felt this way about someone I just met and really don’t even know. I keep thinking maybe it is just because I have just found exactly what I have been looking for… YOU!

THIS MUST SOUND SO PATHETIC AND ODD!!! I can’t even believe I’m writing it. I’m not even sure if I will send it. I just can’t get you out of my mind, and wanted you to know how I am feeling. I’m not going to ask you for anything, or push you. Just know that I am here thinking about you and the time we spent together.

I’m going to stop before I make any more of an ass of myself. I’m hoping to see you again, but if not just know that I will never forget you or the time we spent together!


Now that, my friends, is a sure fire way not to get a girl. I don’t know much about the female species, but I do know that they don’t dig desperate guys. So whatever you do, don’t be that guy! That’s all for tonight my friends, I’m off to watch some cheesy late night porno!

Wednesday June 27, 2001

Old News / Forums

Pootie Tang (9:00PM EST)Jack
Big post today for everyone. First thing it looks like DGNR8 isn’t dead, he’s just having a blast in Cancun. I guess one of the guest posters on his site just made that little rumor up. It would have been better if they had him kidnapped by some Mexican hooker and sold to slave traders. That’s how I want to go out, except I want to sold to Amanda and forced into being her love slave.

Some one imed me today saying that I should do a post about how this site got started. It’s a pretty good story so I think I’ll do it up some time. It was a couple years ago, but I remember most of the good stuff. IWANGF didn’t originally start off at this address, but it has ended up here. It’ll be something to do this weekend. Coming up this weekend is the opening of A.I. which looks like it’s going to be a classy movie. Arrogancy had a good little summary of the movie over there a little while ago. It’s probably in the archives now, but there’s some info about JP3 on the main page. As you know I’m a huge movie fan, and I could spend hours on IMDB just looking up random shit. Right now I guess my favorite movie right now is the Requiem one, but Chasing Amy is right behind it.

I was thinking about getting some stuff from the View Askew store and giving them away as prizes. I’m sure if any of you want the hat that Banky wears, but I’ve got that stowed away in my room somewhere. It might be under some boxers, so I might just hold on to that. But I think some posters, cds, and movies would be little prizes. I just want to do something to thank all the people who continue to visit the site on a daily basis. Page views have been going up lately and it’s all because of you guys. So thank you again.

I think I found one of the dumbest sites on the internet. This guy is doing a Tits 4 Hits thing, but his site must only get like 10 hits a day. I just wanted to share what one of his posts looked like.

I’ve knocked up a quick Borg Unimatrix (click here for max version) model. I couldn’t be bothered converting textures but if you put capital02-02a from the Orion Borg mod as the diffuse and capital01-01a as the self-illumination map, you’l have a pretty nice model. It aint really complicated and has around 660 faces. Do what you like with it, it ain’t going on the model page though.

Is that even English? And I think the more important question is whether this guy has even gotten laid. From the looks of his site that he sits on the computer all day long building space ships or something. I may sit on the net all day long, but at least I’m getting chicks to write my name on their boobs and scoring porn. Spaceships are for little kids.

I got another IM from a girl who’s personal I responded to. She’s about a half hour away from me, so I’d go and meet her if she wanted to. We’ll see what happens. I’m pretty much keeping my options open for next semester at Westfield State. There’s going be tons of fine looking hunnies all over my jock. A good Cape Cod boy is hard to find around these parts.

From The Too Weird To Be True Section:

Police Seek Unapologetic Flatulent Officer:
LONDON (Reuters) – British police sought a flatulent officer Wednesday after a family complained that a policeman broke wind in their London home during a drug raid and failed to apologize.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed that the Department of Professional Standards was investigating a charge that an officer broke wind in the complainants’ hallway but did not apologize to the homeowners.

“We can confirm that the department is investigating an incivility charge during the search of a home under the Misuse of Drugs act,” the police spokesman told Reuters.

The Daily Mail newspaper Wednesday printed a letter from Scotland Yard to the officers involved in the drugs raid informing them of the complaint.

“An allegation has been received from a person in the house that one of the male officers broke wind and did not apologize to the family for his action…the complainant felt it was rude and unprofessional,” the letter stated.

Police did not confirm what discipline the officer might receive if found guilty of breaking wind.

Damn, I try and ‘break wind’ every chance that I get. I didn’t know that I could be arrested for it. Of course this happened over in the UK where we know that the people are just a little weirder than most.

Truck Driver Gets Spear in the Rear:
BERLIN (Reuters) – A Berlin truck driver was wheeled into hospital with an 31-inch-long spear stuck in his behind, a German newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The man identified as Mario S. said the spear’s hooked tip stuck 2 inches into his posterior when he bent over and accidentally came in contact with it.

“The spear was leaned up against a closet,” he told Bild newspaper. “As I bent over, I leaned backwards into it.”

A doctor cautiously dislodged the spear and sewed the wound.

I fucking hate it when that happens!!! Seriously how could you not feel two inches of a spear going into your ass? Unless this was some kind of weird twisted bondage accident gone horribly wrong.

– Tan – Tan – Tan – Tan – Tan – Tan – Tennis – Tennis – Tennis –

– Tennis – Tennis – Tennis – Tennis – Find the Apricot –

– Goan Fuck Yourself –

That’s enough visual stimulation for tonight. I added a great new post to the Sexual Tips section. It’s all about turning your woman on once you’ve got her in the sack. Great post for guys who want to drive their woman wild!

And now for more of the same stuff that I usually post. Here’s some websites I’ve been reading lately. Most of these links are from people who have linked me, which is how I do most of my surfing these days.

Slapass – This is a classic site. Besides having a classy guy running the place it’s a great site just to look at. Tons of pictures, boobs, articles and other great shit make it a fucking tight site. Plus he’s always willing to lend a helping hand when I’ve needed something. That’s more than I can say about a lot of people in real life, let alone the internet.

Some Idiot – These guys linked me when I was first starting off in the internet world. This was back when I had the mouse over buttons and a lot of other useless crap. Besides their Kiss of the Day and random links there’s Idiot Email, and the Idiot Syndicate. Of course there’s more than a days worth of porn in every post.

Here’s some other ones you should really check out.

– The Spud – Little Effect – Killer Scorpion – God Shave the Queen –

Email of the Day:

From: Fuck Society
hey jack
this is dave from i’ve been a reader of iwangr for quite some time now any thoughts a link exchange? i only bring in about 1k unique a day, but it’s growing
go check out a couple toons if you like the site, and wanna do it, hit me back if you don’t, then no need to reply, i hate rejecting someone just as much as recieving the rejection, so i can understand.
i really hate pimpin my site i feel so dirty
sincerely dave
conforming before it was the cool thing to do

When he first emailed me I checked out his site and noticed that it did look pretty cool. So I searched around for a link to my site since he liked it so much, but I couldn’t find one. I emailed him back giving my tired reply of how I don’t link sites that don’t link me first. Most of the link whores just go away after that, but he sent a nice email back saying he would update it right away. Well I just checked back now and noticed that yes, he did put a link up for me. It’s a cool looking site and that’s one of the reasons I’m linking it, but he’s good people too and that’s the major reason.

Old News / Forums

Shit Fuck (10:00AM EST)Jack
Tired, tired, and more tired. Thank god for coffee though. I don’t know what I would do with out it. Probably just smoke more. I used to watch the Sopranos every week when it was on HBO and I was in love with Meadow. Luckily I came across these pics today.

– Meadow – Meadow – Meadow – Meadow – Meadow – Meadow –

– Meadow – Meadow – Meadow – More Naked Celebrities –

People are getting dumber as I’m typing this update out. I wish it was only confined to the Internet, but I’m sure the same dumbing down of the world is happening everywhere. It’s going to be great to see how our kids turn out.

Old News / Forums

Random Quote Here (1:00AMEST)Jack
So what’s going on people? Lot’s of shit over here at the offices of IWANGF. Well, I’m not sure you’d really call this an office, more like a basement with some boards thrown together as a desk. But hey, it’s got four walls, some posters, and an air mattress so it works for me. All I need now is a hot secretary and it’ll be official.

Click here to make money with your website. They’re the company I use for all my ads and they’ve never let me down. Weekly payouts, over 30 different sites, and fucking people you can actually talk to! Check them out, they’re the best on the internet. Yeah so I had to bring my car in for some routine maintenance today. Normally I get the guy who’s ass is hanging out, smoking a Mustang cigarette, and smells like shit.. This time I got a chick that was little bit nicer looking.

– Mechanic – Mechanic – Mechanic – Mechanic – Mechanic –

I made an appointment next week to have my tires rotated. If there’s one thing I wish I knew more about, it would be cars. I can put together a computer in no time flat, but ask me to do anything besides change the oil and I’m stumped. I could probably save myself some money if I actually tried though. Like I have time to do that though, I barely have enough time to shit, shower, and smoke.

When I do have some free time (which should be coming up soon) I like to do other shit besides work on this site. I haven’t gone rollerblading yet this year and it’s about time I started up again. I was getting pretty good last summer and I’m sure I can pick it up again. That and mountain biking. I used to go to Killington and mountain bike there, now I’m confined to the ghettos of Holyoke.

Amateur Girls Doing Porn for the First Time!

Would you ever date a porn star? I really don’t think I could do it. Unless I was the only one she was doing porn with. I’d call it Jack and Claire Forlani porn vids. I’m sure we could make millions of dollars.

It’s good to see that I’m not forgotten over at one of my favorite sites. I only wish that I had half of the photo shop skill that these guys do. It is a pretty cool site and I wish I could do have the shit that their site does, but I’m stuck with HTML so this is as good as it gets. Wont some one like me!!!!

Tuesday June 26, 2001

Old News / Forums

Now This is Gay (8:00PM EST)Jack
Some guy IMed me and told me to check out I hadn’t read it in a long time and it used to be pretty good. A real classy site until I saw this.

I watched the news report early this morning. They showed a home video of flight 316 crash into the Gulf, and burst into flames. I prayed that Dody wasn’t on that flight, but we all know he was.

God! How I wish it was me in that plane. I had just become his friend! He would talk to me during my lonely times, even when he was busy with other things. He was a good man.

I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I just hope some others that post here can keep our minds focused and continue to contribute to DGNR8. Perhaps, by keeping his site alive, a part of him will live forever.

Who thought this would be a good idea? I can see it going down in the offices of DGNR8 just like this.

DGNR8 – “Hey we need to boost hits, what can we do?”

Publicist – “I know, we’ll make it like you died and pretend there was a plane crash, and millions of people will visit the site”

All – “Score!!”

Yeah, I bet it went something like that. For all I know “Dody” or whatever the fuck his name is did die in the Gulf, but I do know that whoever wrote that paragraph about him sucks a lot of cock.

Old News / Forums

New Forums (7:00PM EST) Jack
With the lack of quality posting going on, I’ll be letting people have a section of my forum for their own sites. If you’ve got a site and want a message board this is the best way to do it.

So check it out and if you’re interested, just send me an email.

Old News / Forums

More Ass And Titties (5:30PM EST)Jack
It’s like a million degrees out and my nuts are sweating like it’s going out of style. Thank god for Air Conditioning, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s these times in my life when I think I want to become a porn star. You know make some low budget movies, and become famous. Like the dude from Clerks. I’m sure when he first made that movie he didn’t know how big it was going to become, or maybe he did actually… Clerks is the only one I haven’t watched the commentary, maybe tonight I’ll check it out. Probably not since I’ve got a ton of shit to do.

Wanna See Anna and J-Lo Topless? Click here for a VIP pass!

Has anyone ever taken a road trip with a member of the opposite sex? I was thinking about that earlier today. A couple years ago me and a female friend were supposed to drive cross country and get an apartment in Cali. We ended up not going, but sometimes I really wish we did. Like this girl was smoking hot and I’m sure I would have hooked up with her somewhere along the coast. If only I could rewind the clock and relive some things that I went through….

The one thing I would love to change was cheating on my girlfriend back in the day. We were perfect for each other (so I thought) but I went and fucked it all up. She did forgive me, but she never forgot it. There was always that little inkling of doubt, it was the small crack that drove us apart. There’s so many little things that I remember about her that only me and her could share. Like she off Cape, and her parents wouldn’t let her spend the night at my house, knowing full well what would go on. But… it’s not like we couldn’t have sex during the day. I truly think think her parents though kids only had sex at night or something. We even talked about moving in together, but that fizzled out once she knew I had cheated. Out of all the girls I’ve dated, she’s the only one I could see myself living with.

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Sex And Money (12:00PM EST)Jack
Two things I could always use more of. So I’m watching the Real World marathon this morning and they’re showing that the Boston cast. I just have to say that if I had a million dollars I’d have Elka and Genesis dyke out for me. I’d use the rest of the money to shit that Montana slut back to slut land. First off she’s butt ugly and she hooks up with any guy that shows her any tiny amount of attention. I went out with a girl like that once, fucking whore.

Want to see the pics that Britney tried to bad? Click here for a VIP Pass!

I guess the new season of the Real World starts up tonight so I’ll probably watch that. I’ve always liked that show for some stupid reason. I still think Puck was the best cast member. He had the biggest balls compared to any of the other cast mates. Then when he pissed off poor little Pedro they booted him out of the house. What a crock of shit. Man, the guy that slapped the chick with Lyme disease didn’t get thrown out, where’s the fucking justice.

– Stretch Marks – Beer? – Phone Home? – Moose – Moose – Moose –

– Ugh –

Old News / Forums

AOL Response (1:00AM EST)Jack
I sent out a few emails to girls with AOL personals yesterday and got a couple of responses. One was like the one I posted earlier but this one was pretty damn good.

From: Amy
Subject: Re: Love at AOL Personal
Wow, yeah I’d have to say that could potentially be taken the wrong way by several people. But if you are comfortable putting your thoughts out on the web, then I don’t see why people should get all worked up about them. Everyone thinks these thoughts in their head, but usually hide them from the outside public, keep a private journal of sorts, whatever. I dunno what to make of your mind, what you have decided to share with the world, it’s very rare that a guy will openly share his thoughts like that with others. However, I am assuming that most guys think somewhat along these same lines, all dirty minds and sexually frustrated egos. I’ve got you men all figured out, but I will never understand it. You all lie and say you are just looking for a good time, that you don’t really want a girlfriend right now, but I see through the facade – you’re all just searching for the right woman, no matter how many trials and errors you have to come across to find her. And in the end, aren’t we all just looking for that special someone anyway?

So South Hadley, huh? You live in a house out there or what? I go to U Mass and am currently looking for a place to live before school starts up again, so I know the area pretty well. I’m probably going to be up there a lot actually, to look for a house. maybe tomorrow i was thinking. it really a small world, isn’t it, Mr. Blatantly Horny, iwantanewgirlfriend. ha ha

See now that’s a girl that I could go out with!! She actually took the time to read through the site, figure out that my plan is to find the right girl, and send a nice email back to me. She didn’t call me a pig because I post porn, and she didn’t get totally upset about the womanizing statements on the site. Amy if you’re still reading this, I want to take you out. We’ll go out for a nice dinner, movie, and then maybe some coffee if you’re not totally bored with me. What have you got to lose?

Monday June 25, 2001

Old News / Forums

Random Stuff (11:30PM EST) Jack
Here’s a little collection of random shit that I’ve come across lately.

– Serra – Serra – Paint – Paint – Paint – Paint – BB – BB – BB – BB –

– BB – BB – Red Ass – PMS? – Hung – Egyptian –

Yes those are for your viewing enjoyment. Those first two picture are from Serra the chick that runs the aptly titled Fuh-Qshe didn’t write Jack or IWANGF but she did show poon so that’s a good thing. If you would like to see your poon displayed on this page, just send an email this way. Check over on the left hand side for some new shit. I’ve got a play by play about my date with Danielle (Jersey Girl.) You’ve all been asking for more details so there you go. Even she said that I didn’t write enough about her! If you guys like it, I’ll make it regular feature on the site. If not I’ll shitcan with all the other ideas that I come up with.

Speaking of new ideas, is there anything new you want to see on the site? T & A hold my attention for a good amount of time, but the women probably don’t feel the same way. So let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Old News / Forums

White Hatin’ Coon(6:00PM EST)Jack
So what’s new? Well there’s the new viewer mail over on the left hand side, a new response in the Interracial Dating section, and a couple of new faces in the web cam portals. A lot of the first time meeting emails I got are in there, check it out if you’re bored. Also both the good girlfriend and bad girlfriend of the week are posted. Agree or disagree? Post about it in the forums…

I was bored today so I sent an email to a few AOL personal ads. Now normally when I respond to an add I never mention the website. I figure why blow a chance with a hot chick when I don’t even have my foot in the door. Today was a different story, I sent the usual about me shit, but also included a paragraph telling them a little bit about the site. I was surprised to get a couple responses.

Jefiner1975 sent this email to me.

Definitely not interested.

Well at least she responded to me, even if it was only one sentence. I wonder if it was something I said? I guess I’ll never know. She lived in Boston so that’s no big deal. Another girl sent me a pretty good email back, I email her back asking if I could post it on the site. Hopefully she wont mind. I guess she’s going to be up in this area soon, so maybe, just maybe she’ll give me a chance.

July first is just around the corner, and you know what that means… Survivorer. I’m wicked stoked that I’m a part of this internet contest. I’d day so that I’m going to do my best, but only losers say that. Winners get the job done, and fuck the prom queen at the end of the day. Which I’ve actually never done. But hey, there’s a first time for everything. If any prom queens want to have their holes filled by an ex-track star you know where to find me. But I don’t want any of those prom queens that just fell apart after high school. You know who you are. You’re the girls that put on 30 pounds in college and fucked any jock that approached you. Nah, I want the pure girls.

Old News / Forums

What a Weekend! (12:00AM EST) Jack
Holy fuck am I exhausted! Saturday night was a fucking trip! It started out with a simple dinner, some video games, and by the time 1:30 rolled around I was pounding beers watching hits sing Karaoke songs. It’s pretty funning watching drunk rednecks singing some old country song. If you didn’t read last weeks stuff then you didn’t know that Danielle from New Jersey came up last night. We had an awesome time, she’s some on I’d probably see again.

The last girl I went out with from Jersey was a fucking nutcase. We had hooked up one weekend when I was going to AIC and we kept in touch when she went back home. One weekend I was bored on campus so I decided to go visit her. It was that weekend that I realized weekend flings should stay exactly that, just a weekend long. It wasn’t a totally bad visit, but there were many points when I really wished there was some way for me to go home. I stuck it out, ended up back in Springfield on Sunday night, and was in the safety on my dorm by midnight. There’s a whole other story about what happened when I got off the train, but I’ll save that for another time.

I just finished watching Anti-Trust and the only good things about that were Claire Forlani and the Rachael Lee Cooke. I should know that if there is HTML in the opening credits, it’s not going to be good at all. See, everyone uses computers, but in reality they’re wicked boring. My type of action sequence doesn’t really involve typing in IP addresses to shut down satellites. Oh well, with the two chicks in there at least there was some eye candy.

I’m going to be starting up the Good Girlfriend and Bad Girlfriend of the week again. It was something I did when I first started the site, and it was pretty popular so I’m bringing it back. I would basically comb through the headlines and find girls that either did good girlfriend duties, or fucked up royally. Finding the bad girlfriend of the week is always easy cause girls are fucking up all the time. It’s the Good Girlfriend that is always a little bit of trouble.

This site should up in my referrals. It’s kind of a cool looking site. Sometimes I think about redoing the page, but that’s a ton of work and I don’t really have the time right now. Maybe if I lock myself in my room with a ton of coke, smokes, and Doritos I could do something. Speaking of redesigns, The Campus Rag has a new one and you should check it out. You know what? My ex really sucks! Sometimes I really wish I could cunt-punt her across the country. I think I’m in love with this chick though.

– Love – Love – Love – Love – Love – Love –

Now that is a good girlfriend! They don’t grow them like that in Western Ma. Shit, they don’t grow them like that on Cape Cod either! That’s the type of girl that would have me pussy whipped in like in 5 minutes. Want to lose your virginity? Click Here! If you’re still wanking it by yourself at night, I think you should really sign up.

You what I really hate these days? People who just want to do the quick and don’t want to work for something. It’s like in the Requiem movie, they all want a quick fix and don’t want to work on stuff to make it better. I got this IM which kind of pissed me off.

� Trace � �: Just a quick question.You up for link exchange with sites just starting?

How many times do I have to say I hate link sluts? And it seems like every time I say something about it, more people IM me for links. I started the IWANGF Top 50, and the Free-For-All Links page so I don’t get asked anymore. But seriously if you ask me I will block you and not link you. But if you sign up on either one of those pages and I see your site and like it, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be up on here. So good luck and stuff.

Hey you know what’s pretty cool? When two chicks are fighting over who is going to take me home. Here’s some pics I snapped of two jealous broads.

– Fight – Fight – Fight – Fight – Fight – Fight – Fight –

Hot! Now that, my friends, is a shared moment. Two girls rolling around in their panties… Shit I gotta smoke a butt. I’ll be back with more stuff.

Saturday June 23, 2001

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The Countdown is On (12:00PM EST) Jack
In like five hours New Jersey girl will be up here and it’ll be time for some fun. While ‘m waiting around I suppose I could give you some entertainment. I’ll try and pop on the web camera tonight, so you can look forward to that. I guess there’s better things I could be doing, but fucking around with the Playstation isn’t half as fun as updating this site. I used to play video games all the time, now it’s just kind of boring to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Dreamcast, but I can barely find the time for it.

There hasn’t been any good AOL personals lately so I’ve been checking out the Adult Friend Finder ones. If you’re not looking for a girlfriend, just some chick to fuck, you’ve got to sign up and find the whore of your dreams. All the girls I’ve fucked from there have been dirty sluts, but as long as I wrap it, it’s all good.

Speaking of dirty sluts I was getting some smokes at the Mobil station when the chick working the counter carded me. She’s looking at my picture saying how cute I look and basically trying to get me to ask her out. I didn’t go in there looking for a girl I just wanted my Marlboro’s and Coke. So just to get out of the situation I was going to give her my number, but then she smiled at me and she had no teeth at all!! Does anyone know if a chick with no teeth gives better head? Cause I might let her suck me off if it’s worth it.

I thought this was a pretty good post. I get mentioned, but only once. I don’t think Chaz is going to be too happy when he sees what she wrote. Oh well, that’s life. People need to realize that this isn’t real life, it’s a bunch of random people reading the shit that you write everyday. Don’t take it so seriously.

Click on The Gay Smiley For New Sunspeck Info

Friday June 22, 2001

Old News / Forums

Welcome (9:00PM EST) Jack
I guess I should put up a decent post for all you people coming from the Stilish One’s website. My name’s Jack and this is my steaming pile of shit that I call a website. I’m 22, living in a small town outside of Springfield MA, and I’m single looking for a girlfriend. I’m not really trying to find one through this site, just merely writing down the stupid shit I do in the pursuit of poon. With that out of the way let’s get down to business.

After work today I went to video store to pick up something to watch tonight. I ended up getting ‘Cut’ and ‘Antitrust.’ I just got done watching Cut and it was pretty fucking bad. The only good thing about the movie was this chick Jessica Napier. She’s not like super hot, she’s like some chick you could bend over and fuck all night long though. The fucked up thing is that there are no fan sites for her. There’s a million for Molly Ringwald but not this chick. I did a search on Google for her and there was barely anything. I did score a couple of pics though.

– Jessica Napier – Jessica Napier – Jessica Napier – Jessica Napier –

If anyone can find more of this girl I’d be wicked stoked. I’ll probably watch the other movie later on tonight when I want to check out Claire Forlani and the broad from She’s All That. Who the fuck cares what the movie is about when those two are in it.

– Orange – Orange – Orange – Orange – Orange – Orange –

– Orange – Orange – Orange – Orange – Rub a Dub – Spanky –

– Spanky – Spanky – Needle Dick – Batter Up! – Swing! – Wine? – Beer? –

– Streeeetch! – By The Hour – Dough Boy –

Ever feel the need to stick your dick in a girl, but couldn’t find the right hole? That’s how I feel right now but luckily New Jersey girl will be here tomorrow. We’ll have a good time then. I don’t really have anything left to say except have fun exploring and thanks for cumming.

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Updates(3:00PM EST) Jack
There’s only one more day before New Jersey girl comes up to visit me. That gives me about 24 hours to shower, do some laundry, shave and clean up my place. Since I’m the biggest slacker I’m going to need everyone of those hours. It’s going to be a good time, and I’ll have plenty of pictures to show ya on Monday. I’m sure I’ll be half in the bag in everyone of them so that will be good for a laugh.

I got a bunch of reader submissions I’ll probably post on Monday so if you’ve got an article you want posted, just email it to me. I still a lot of interviews to post, I’m saving those for a date when I have nothing at all to post.

Want to make money with your site? Click here for details. Want traffic once you’ve got the ads? Click here for the Top 50 Sites on the Net. Seriously though the Traffic Cash Gold program is one of the best on the net. No fighting over getting paid, no worrying about your check not coming in on time. Free, fast, and easy is what I have to say about them. With over 30 sites, just like these.

– School Girls – Porn Try Outs – Naked Celebrities –

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Who Is Sunspeck?(1:00PM EST)Jack
That is the question for this week. If you don’t know who Sunspeck is then check out this article posted over at Playtime Stuff. It’s “written” by Chaz’s girlfriend. The reason written is in quotes is because I believe that Chaz = Sunspeck. So me and Die Pig are putting out a public request for Sunspeck to come and contact us. She has a website, Im A Spaz, which links back to PTS. Strange is it not? Well this what we know so far about “her.”

Sunspeck doesn’t have a picture on the net… As far as I know there is no picture of her on the PTS website. Which seems a little odd to me. Every girl on the net has a picture… except Sunspeck.

Sunspeck’s website points to PTS. This isn’t odd in itself, but combined with all the other facts it seems strange to me. When I checked the whois records at Network Solutions there was no contact info or anything like that… Hmm, the plot thickens…

Sunspeck is Chaz’s girlfriend. Which means that she’s from this area. So there’s no reason that she couldn’t meet me sometime. That is unless Chaz would get too jealous.

This is an excerpt from Sunspeck’s article.

To conclude, the web cam is here, unfortunately capturing all that we don�t want to see. (Or what some of us want to see) You better find your favorite way to deal with it. Its in for the long haul, and there�s nothing that any of us can do.

That doesn’t seem like a girl’s style of writing to me. I could be totally wrong, but that’s just my gut feeling. In conclusion to this little mystery, I’ve teamed up with Die Pig to get to the bottom of this mystery. If Sunspeck wants to contact me or Die Pig, you know the routine. I’ll be expecting a picture and some proof of existence. If you’re a reader and want to contribute just get in touch with us and we’ll find out who the real Sunspeck is.

Thursday June 21, 2001

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– Taco – Taco – Taco – Taco – Taco – Taco – Taco – Taco –

– Taco – Taco – Bath – Bath – Bath – Bath – Bath – Bath –

– Kitchen – Kitchen – Kitchen – Kitchen – Kitchen –

** Not really fucked up, more like just porn.

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Cool Shit (7:00PM EST)Jack
Couple new additions to the Webcam Portals, check out number 8 and 9 for the new girls. Well I think it’s eight and nine. Site’s I’m currently visiting daily.

– Ratatak – Chimptopia – Stile’s Zone – Die Pig –

Ratatak made a great point about traffic dropping down in the summer. Yes, people do still go outside and enjoy what I like to call the “Real World.” It’s been super nice around here lately, but yet I’ve yet to jump in the pool. Something about tons of kids and older people swimming in the same water as me is a bug out. Like if there was tons of hot chicks, sure I’d be in there, but grannies don’t really do it for me.

I updated the About Me / Site section. Check it out for some FAQs, stuff about me, and stuff about the site. Not that you care at all, but hey some one might. Here’s some stuff that I’m looking for this week.

How We Met – Do you have a good first meeting story? Send it in here.

Kinky Shit – This is more for the ladies to respond to. Send in some of your kinkiest sex stories. I want lesbian hookups, public nudity, and pictures too!

Love or Lust? – Which one is better? Think it’s better to be totally in love with some one or just lusting after their body?

If you want to submit a story or anything else, just send me an email. Anything that is semi decent gets posted, but just let me know ahead of time if you want your email hidden. I know some people clear their histories after visiting this site, so I don’t want to get you in trouble with your lady. It’s time to bring a little more relationship shit back into the site, and there’s no better way than to have people sharing their stories.

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Good Weekend (1:00PM EST)Jack
This weekend is shaping up to be a good one for your buddy. Saturday night this chick from New Jersey is coming up for a visit. I plan on getting pretty fucking wasted and showing her a good time. I like to make sure my guests are entertained when they visit. It’s not like there’s a ton of fun stuff to do around here, so I have to try my hardest to make it interesting.

– To Jack – To Jack –

Those are courtesy of Sleeping PillsCheck out her site and tell her how good her boobs look. Remember if you ever want to try and impress me with the size of your assets just send an email this way. I’m bored so I think new boobies will entertain me. July 4th is right around the corner so that should be pretty cool. I might take a little trip down to the Cape, but who knows. I’m fucking broke as a joke and I should just save my money.

– Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp –

– Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp – Vamp –

Oh Yeah, Click Here

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Ass & Titties (10:49AM EST) Jack
Is there anything nicer than ass & titties in the morning? Nah, I didn’t think so.

– Ass – Ass – Ass – Ass – Ass – Ass – Ass – Ass –

And now, titties.

– Titties –

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Cam Girl Articles (1:08AM EST) Jack
Click on the boobies for a great cam girl article.

Wednesday June 20, 2001

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Search Engines (10:39PM EST) Jack
When I don’t have anything new to post I usually go to the search engine keywords cause it’s a great space filler and I can link a bunch of better sites.

advice for men- Advice on sex, dating, and women visit the Sex Project.

hepetitus b+ – Not the last time I checked, but it’s been a little while….

little naked girls – Now that is just bad.

pussy juice – Makes a body good.

my hot girlfriend naked – Yeah I got those.

inflatable hot tube – ??

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Boobies (10:30PM EST) Jack
I love boobies and everything they represent. So here’s some more tits for hits pics.*

This chick is what I would call fan-fucking-tastic. She’s taken plenty of pictures in the past, but is always up for taking more. Plus with this girl I’ve never had to ask. It’s always just a great surprise in my inbox. Check out her site and yes there are nude pics of her there.

– To Me – To Me – To Me – To Me –

This next girl here didn’t have the brain power to actually write out the correct name, but since she did doodle on herself she gets a link. Actually fuck it, no link for you! If you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all. Here’s some girls that could figure out how to write ‘Jack’ or ‘’ somewhere on their beautiful bodies.

– Vilette – Dawn Marie – Frosty Lips –

* may or may not include boobies.

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Found in the Forums…. (8:05PM EST)Jack
Found this gem in the forums tonight….

Posted by Anti-Jack
I just found this site and I have to say that is the worst one on the internet. All the pictures are either copied from Stile Project or EHOWA and I’ve seen my little brother write better articles than Jack. My ultimate goal is to make sure this site is shut down within months. Everyone reading this enjoy the site while you can, because I will make sure it’s gone!

First Net Authority, and now this… I wonder how longer I’ll actually be on the net. Go check out the forums and post your own little thing.

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Wet Women Wednesday(8:00PM EST)Jack
Today is Wet Women Wednesday which doesn’t mean that they will all be in water, and sure don’t mean that it’s going to be water sports. It’s just a collection of some wet women.

– WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW –

– WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW – WW –

Tuesday June 19, 2001

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I’m Dieing (11:00PM EST) Jack
I’m sure you’re all wondering (well probably not) why the title of my last post was I Hate Bacon. No, it’s not some slam on I Love Bacon, or a shot against pigs in general. This morning I cooked up my usual 10 strips of bacon and chowed them down in record time. Well about 4:30 this afternoon the rumbling started and my stomach totally gave out on me. Fucking first time I blew chucks in like months. So it’s time to start another streak I guess.

HoopeeDie PigAnalynn

This right here is a great site. Sex advice, cam girl shit, movies, and other cool shit to keep you entertained. I wish I could come up with a classy site like that one. Instead I’m stuck with my half assed porn site. Maybe I’ll get back into giving advice and shit like that, cause my life is pretty boring in reality. I get to bang some strippers and party like a rock star, but after that there really isn’t much to it. This dude on IM told me to take a road trip, which I’m totally planning on doing. I’ve said it before that if when I’m 25 I’ve got nothing holding me back, I’m taking off on the road. I’ll bring a laptop and camcorder and record the whole thing until I see the shore of the Pacific.

This guy makes some fucking cool ass shit. He’s the guy that did the soundtrack for Requiem. There’s some audio samples, info on him, and other stuff. Give it a visit, who knows you might like it. It’s amazing how my musical tastes have changed. Back when I was a short fat kid I listened to all rap. Public Enemy, EPMD, The Fat Boys, just to name a few. Now I listen to everything except country. I guess that means I’m getting older. Pretty soon I’ll be hating the music that my kid listens to, and he’ll be saying that my music blows goats. I guess that’s just the way life is.

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I Hate Bacon(8:00PM EST) Jack

The reason Playtime Stuff gets a big banner is because I was supposed to write a cam girl article for their site. Of course me being the lazy bastard that I am, I totally didn’t do it. I hope sending them a few hits will make up for it. If you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that they merged with Class or Sex to make one of the biggest in Western MA. Shit, they get more hits then me now. So like check them out and stuff. Yeah these two people deserve hits too. Click on them ALOT!

The Campus Rag – Slapass

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garageDogs (12:15PM EST) Jack
Who let the garageDogs out ?

Cruising around with no place to go Wednesday night ? The garageDogs make their L.A. debut at “The Garage”

Throw in the Summer Solstice and Mars in Opposition and things should howl !!

A Hollywood juke joint cast away in Silverlake, The Garage offers millennium grunge with renegade sex appeal. The urban rock club serves as the perfect venue for many bands playing the LA club circuit. Garage offers a full dance and stage area, a billiard room and an additional lounge should the music not meet your preference. Many who visit are proof that grunge wasn’t just a ’90s thing, as they are decked out in wardrobes likely bought at the last concert they attended. Which is not to say that underneath those frayed garments, guests don’t offer rippling torsos molded by hours in LA’s finest gyms; it simply means that that isn’t what the club is about. Boasting real beer and great rock, Garage offers substantive nightlife in a city all too consumed with fluff. Location:
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Monday June 18, 2001

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Major Melons (11:59PM EST)Jack
Here’s those pics I promised you for Major Mellons Monday.



More pics of these big titted whores inside showing it all just for you!

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I Am So Tired(12:00PM EST)Jack
I know it’s not Monday yet, but I wanted to move everything into the archives, and make a really long post. Plus I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay awake till midnight. Last night was a wicked awesome, night but I’ll get to that in a minute. First some important (not really) news around the internet.

If you’ve checked out Validate This recently then you know she has started up Survivorer II. I am happy to say that I was picked to be on the Kucher Tribe. Here’s the rest of my team.

Kucher Tribe

Dawn Marie
White Horse

I’ve never been involved in one of these type of things before, so it’s going to be fun. Something to do in the warm summer months. Another thing that has been entertaining me is the DVD player. Last night I went down to my local Best Buy and picked up some new DVDs. I got Requiem for a Dream (director’s cut), Clockwork Orange, and the Nightmare on Elm St. Boxed Set. As soon as I finish posting here, I’m gonna lie back down and start the Freddy marathon. I’ve already got the pizza on the way, so I better hurry up.

Last night me and Aimee hung out again. It’s always an adventure when I’m hanging with her. The first time we met we ended up drinking some beers at the Hu Ke Lau and playing those adult video games. Our night started innocently enough with us going to the mall, then to Chi Chis, and then the package store. It was sometime during dinner though that I mentioned we should hit the strip bar. There’s this place, Anthony’s, that’s right down the street from my house. The funny thingis that I’ve been up here for about 2 years now, and I had never been. So after dinner we went back to my house, drank a couple beers, Aimee flashed her boobies and we took off.

I have to say that I do love strip clubs! But for a Saturday night there was only like three girls working the poles. There was one chick that caught my eye, fucking hot and exotic looking. I didn’t know there were girls like that around here. Not like I’d have any chance with her, or if I could even date a stripper.

I got this in my inbox today. I guess a bunch of other sites got it too, I found it some what amusing.

From: Net Authority Investigations
Subject: Notification of Internet Violations
Dear Jack,

It has recently been brought to our attention that you are, or have been, in violation of the Net Authority Acceptable Internet Usage Guidelines. It has been reported that you both distribute and view offensive materials over the Internet.

Net Authority has investigated these claims by checking your webpage at and verified that they are true.

As a result, your personal information has been added to one or more Net Authority Internet offender databases. Your information will be stored in the databases until enough evidence has been gathered against you to warrant further actions. To help avoid such a situation, it is strongly recommended that you cease your immoral actions on the Internet at once.

You have been added to the following databases: – Hate Literature Offenders – Pornography Offenders – Child Pornography Offenders – Bestiality Offenders – Homosexual Pornography Offenders – Interracial Pornography Offenders – General Blasphemy Offenders

If you would like more information about Net Authority or the Net Authority Acceptable Internet Usage Guidelines, you may read the details at It is imperative that you fully understand the guidelines if you wish to avoid further prosecution.

While the individual who reported your actions to us will remain anonymous, he or she wished to pass these words on to you:

“When judgement day comes, I hope you get yours in the end. The ass-end… with the Devil’s huge red firey cock.”

May God be with you as you struggle to overcome these evil impulses. You will be in our prayers at night.

God speed,

Net Authority Investigations Department

It’s not that bad of a site. I have to admit that it is a semi-original idea. I know Slap Ass got the same email and I think Stile did too. What’s the net coming too when you can’t post interracial porn? Well, since it’s Major Mellons Monday, I’ll post some boobies pics.



I was lazy, and that was all I could find on short notice. Of course I’ll be posting more as the day goes on. Remember the girl that blew me off a bunch of times? If you don’t she’s in archives. Well, she emailed me again.


Great, I have that to look forward to. I really don’t know what’s going on with this broad. She blows me off, doesn’t talk to me, and then sends me emails like this one. I really don’t if she’s playing me, or if there really is something going on. It’s just annoying now. One of my exs Imed me while I was out. Haven’t talked with that girl in awhile, who knows what’s going on with that.

From: Fem
Hey 🙂 Since I’m in the middle of pimpin my site, I thought I would see if it were possible for you to add my cam to your portal. Sexual favors will be negotiated later..:)
Here’s my info if you do choose to add me: Site URL:
Cam image: IWANGF Portal Number 4
Name: Femcenobite
Of course I’ll add a link back to your site (I’ve already linked it a few times). Thanks!!! Take care! ~

Check her out over in Portal 4. Also a new addition is Dawn Marie my teammate. I forget where I put her, so just search around. Before I go, there’s a couple links for Aimee’s stories, reader mail, and other shit. I’ve also got some more tits for hits pics (no I didn’t forget about ya April) but those will go up later today. Other than that, I think you know the routine by know. I’ll catch ya later.

Saturday June 16, 2001

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Lesbian Stories(3:11PM EST)Jack
It’s too hot to write a real update so I’m just going to post Aimee’s Lesbian story. More stuff tomorrow.

Aimee Lesbian Story #2