Get the Girl In Class to Notice You :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Get the Girl In Class to Notice You :: I Want a New Girlfriend

So you’ve got a hot girl in your class that you want to notice you. You’ve made eye contact with her a couple of times, and you think you might have a shot with her. Here are some good ways to make a lasting impression with her.

1. Show Interest in Other Women
Try a little bit of flirting with another girl in your class. This works especially well if you’re working in groups, or have an out of class assignment. Or even better yet, go up to the girl you like and compliment another girl in the class. Watch how she reacts, jealous or bothered. If she gets a little upset, it’s because she wants you to compliment her.

2. Be a Challenge
This can be the easiest and the hardest part of the list. You don’t want to be like every other guy that has been hitting on her. Make yourself a challenge to her.

3. Leave At The Same Time
This is a great way to maybe strike up a conversation. As the class is wrapping up make sure you’re out the door the same time she is. There are tons of opening lines you can use here. If you’re headed in a different direction to class than she is, make sure you keep going with her. It’s worth being a couple minutes late for class if you have the chance of getting her number.

4. Try and See Her Outside of Class
If you know what some if her interests are outside of school, try and be involved with them. It’s a great way to meet even more people too. Of course sign up for the groups that you like also. You don’t want to be stuck in some knitting club if things don’t work out with the dream girl.

5. Make Her See Your Good Side
If your at a party where she is, make sure that you’re the one helping other people out, and not being the drunk loser. It also would be in your best interest not to get drunk and flirt with everyother girl there. Even if you have to put your playing skills on hold for a week or two, it’ll be worth it in the end.

6. Just Talk to Her
Some of the hottest girls have the most boring lives. Guys are intimidated by their beauty and don’t have the balls to talk to them, let alone ask them out. Just remember that she is a normal human being, not a goddess or anything. Don’t end up being her ‘brother’ though. The only action you’ll get then is the Sunday night make over with her Sorority Sisters.

These are just some basic ways to get the girl to notice you. There are many others and I’ll post some more here soon.

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