I Want a New Girlfriend – Saturday June 21

I Want a New Girlfriend – Saturday June 21

Slow News Day (1:00PM EST) Jack
Not a lot of stuff going on today, but here’s some new stories that youmight be interested in.

LisaMarie Gets Shook Up, Slips During Performance
LOS ANGELES — It has been saidthat a true performer is someone who can mess up and not be shaken.And sure, shehas grown up with her name splashed across the tabloids, but this morning, LisaMarie Presley was splattered in Rockefeller Plaza.

Fanshave the muscle to shape the movie
When Ang Lee, director of The Hulk, hinted last year that the title character might not wear his trademark purple pants � or any pants at all, for that matter � comic book devotees broke into a Bruce Banner-like rage on the Internet.

BoxerMike Tyson Arrested in N.Y. Brawl
NEW YORK – Mike Tyson was arrested early Saturdayafter a brawl with two men outside a Brooklyn hotel and was charged with assaultand disorderly conduct.

‘BitchBoss’ Remark No Way to Win a Job
LONDON (Reuters) – One called her boss a “bitchfrom hell” while another admitted “lying through his teeth” atinterview.

More to come in a little bit…..

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