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What I Like

People on here use to say Im charming, classy looking and elegant woman. But Im not here because Im beautiful and stup!d, so the only chance how to earn my living is taking off clothes. Im well educated, not a dummy. I will not lie just to get your money and I will not promise you love, because love is too sublime to be abused. So dont beg for my love. If you want me – you have to make me want you. If you will come to my room and ask me to marry you – it will not make me melt, it will make me think theres something not OK about you. in that case you really need me, but not as a woman, but as a psychologist :-p (btw. I really studied psychology, so if I will tell you that you are an id!ot, it is not an insulting word, but the diagnosis. :-)) Oh and watch out, I might be sassy! 🙂 I have my well known attitude. I love sarcasm and irony and I love to joke around. Theres always relaxed atmosphere in my room, my mind and soul is in peace.

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