Sex on Campus :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Sex on Campus :: I Want a New Girlfriend

College is the time to explore new sexual desires. You’re now living in close quarters with members of the opposite sex, no parents around to bust you, and plenty of free condoms available. Who wouldn’t expect massive amounts of sex going on….

When I first went to college I expected a wild orgy of girls throwing themselves on me. Huge partys where the beer flowed and the pussy begged to be fucked. Granted I was in for a shock, but my dream wasn’t so off after all. I was 17 when I enetered my freshman year, and I was ready for action. I was in a brand new place with brand new people. It’s was time for me to make my mark.

In college you’ll be able to get a date. Even if you were the class nerd in high school that all changes. Some girls will have a thing for the boy next door, or maybe the bad boy type. At college you’ll probably be going to bars, and they’re a prime hook up spot. So once you get on that first date, completing the deal might be the tough part…

First off in college you’re going to be sharing a room with at least another person. This can be a tough situation if you’re trying to get laid. Maybe you’ll get a roomate who is cool spending the night at a friend’s while you’re trying to get your groove on. Or maybe you’re roomate parties all the time and is never there. More likely than not though you’re gonna have to try and make some sort of plan so you got the room to yourself. Some girls wont really give a shit if there’s an audience for the show, but some others will turn quite frigid.

Even if you do get your roomate disapear you’re still going to have an audience. Remember those squeaky freshman beds, well if you’re rolling around on one of them, people downstairs, and next door are going to hear it. I can remember countless times hearing the familiar squeak of bed coils coming from upstairs. We used to bang the ceiling with brooms until it stopped. You don’t want to be you do you?

So if you can’t fuck in the dorm room where can you go? There are endless possibilities on where to go. Try the library first. Usually there’s only going to be bookworms, so they wont bother you at all. Find a private section and go about your business. The only chance of getting caught is by some nosy librarian.

The laundry room can be another great spot. Ever heard that rumor about intense orgasms on the spin cycle? Well, now is your chance to find out if they’re true. Grab a bunch of extra quarters and have a great night. Plus you’re killing two birds with one stone. Doing you’re laundry and getting your rocks off.

You can always go with the obvious student lounge. This can be a little tricky because you will have RAs walking around. If you’re an exhibitionist this might even be a turn on for you.

As you’re freshman year winds down to a close I’m sure you’ll find other key places to get down. If you have a special spot that you’ve claimed as your own, or have a story about getting caught give me an email or drop a line in the forums.

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