Sunday May 25 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Sunday May 25 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

More Quality Porn – cman

Don’t have a whole lot to talk about today, so this will be short. I thought I would try to pick up the slack while Jack is off partying it up with his women.

I just found this site the other day, but it seems to have been around for a while because it has a very extensive archive. The site is Its a really great source for a whole shitload of pictures. Looks like they have serveral thousand pictures on there and from the ones I’ve seen they are very high quality. A wide range of people from pornstars to celebrities and some random hot girls as well.

Sorry, haha, I just realized that kinds of sounds like a commercials. I swear I am in no way affiliated with “Yoozers”, I just thought it was a cool site and wanted to share it with you.

Speaking of sites with a ton of high quality pictures, I just finished adding another 8 or 9 galleries to exp0sed, so check it out too! If you don’t mind, please click on some of the ads so I can make money haha

Hey! Its my birthday next Saturday! Big 2-3. Can’t wait to go out and get trashed, should be fun = )

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