Are You “Big Enough” :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Are You “Big Enough” :: I Want a New Girlfriend

It�s Not How Deep You Fish . . . (11:53AM EST) Madame XTCJack asked if I�d write a little piece about my thoughts on the age-old question of �Does size really matter?� At first, I thought it was going to be an easy assignment; I was just going to expound on the adage that �It�s not how deep you fish, but how you wiggle the worm�. But I�m sure that you guys have all heard that a million times before so I decided to give you something a little more original . . .

First of all, we need to have a point of reference. Statistics will tell you that the national average penis length is 6 inches, but I say that�s a bunch of shit. I�ve had over 40 sexual partners and only a handful actually had something over the half-foot mark. Maybe it�s just my taste in men, but I�m guessing that the national average is probably closer to 5 than 6. And then there�s girth, which in my opinion means more than length does. But to understand why that is, we first need to take a look at the female anatomy.

It�s important to remember that a vagina is not just this big cavern for you to stick your dick into. It�s a mass of muscle that (when at rest) is completely constricted. Each time a girl has sex, the muscles are �stretched out�, both in the vagina and at the vaginal opening. When a girl has sex often, the vaginal muscles do not return to the completely natural constricted point � they end up staying stretched out a little. So in relation to the size of the penis, the more girth it has, the more it will stretch those muscles.

As time moves on, some of the sensations in the vaginal opening will be lost if the penis size does not increase. That�s just a fact, unfortunately. And it�s not just bad for the women, either . . . it isn�t as stimulating for guys when there isn�t the friction there from having that muscle constricted (Why do you think guys always fantasize about fucking a virgin? Because they know that they will be tight!). So it sucks on both sides of the playing field. The only thing that a girl can do is allow time for those muscle to return to their natural state by not having sex, or to upgrade every once in a while.

The other important part of the female anatomy that receives a significant amount of stimulation during sex is that infamous G-spot. In certain positions, the penetration of the penis allows for the head to press against that point. If your dick is only an inch or two long, you might not be able to reach it. Since the anatomy of each girl is different, I can�t really tell you how deep you have to fish to get there � but no matter how you wiggle that worm, you still might come up short.

So as far as anatomy goes, I�m going to have to say that yes, size does matter. But don�t get discouraged because not everything is about vaginal penetration! In regards to oral sex, having a smaller penis can have its benefits � I once gave a blowjob to a guy and I could fit both his dick and his balls in my mouth at the same time (imagine that!). And, to be honest, you�re more likely to get a girl to consent to anal sex if you�re only 3 inches long instead of 9!

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