Bad Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Bad Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Well this page has been blank long enough. Time to write some stories about bad girlfriends. Everyone has had a girlfriend that they hated. She whined, complained, and bitched about everything. So check out some of these girls and realize that maybe she wasn’t that bad. Lorena Bobbitt – This is probably the worst girlfriend ever. She took her husband’s manroot chopped it off, and then chucked it in a field. Seeing her on the news makes men across the world look down and shudder. Stay away from this woman at all time.

Kathy Lee Gifford – Another real winner girlfriend. She’s a religious nut, psychotic mother, and all around loser. She complains that her kids are exposed by the press, but then she dresses them up and puts them in dumb Christmas specials. No wonder Frank got it on with a flight attendant. Kathy must be stiff as a board in bed, that’s even if she puts out.

Roseanne– Jesus Christ what can I say about this woman? She’s annoying, fat, ugly, a slob, but she is rich. I think that is the only reason Tom got it on with her. I don’t know if that is worth it though. I can’t imagine waking up next to her every morning.

Everyone has had a bad girlfriend at one time or another. We all know what they are like, annoying, bitchy, whiny, and tons of other bad stuff. If you are stuck with a bad girlfriend right now, or you just want to bitch about how your girlfriend sucks. Send me an email. I’ll post your story and a picture of the girl too if you would like. As men we have band together and make sure that bad girlfriends are eradicated from this world.

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