Cheating :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Cheating :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Cheating is very tricky subject to talk about. Most people who have been in a relationship have either cheated, or been cheated on. Personally I have both happen to me. I’m not proud that I cheated on a girlfriend, and there really is no excuse for doing it. When you cheat on someone, it hurts both people involved. Your girlfriend will be so emotionally devestated, that your relationship with her is probably going to end. And the girl you cheated on her with, may be looking for more than you can give her. Just some things to think about. I’ll give you some tips on how to get over being cheated on, or how to come clean with your girlfriend.

Being Cheated On

Remember it is not your fault – People who have been cheated on will try and analyze it over and over in there head. Asking questions like why am I not good enough, or what did I do wrong to make this happen. Just try to remember it more likely than not has nothing to do with something you did. Unless maybe you beat your girlfriend. Or slept with the whole town. Cheaters do not normally change their ways. So she probably cheated on her last boyfriend, just consider yourself lucky that you didn’t knock her up.

Try and trust other people – After being cheated on, you may have a problem trusting other people. This is a normal reaction, and it will take some time to get over it. But if your going out with another girl, and you tell her all the time how you can’t trust her, or get jealous when she goes out without you, she will leave in two seconds flat. It’s better to wait a few months before getting in another serious hardcore relationship. You need to get you’re own thoughts together before you go bringing another girl into your life.

Goto your friends – Hang out with your buds. Hit the bars and have some good times. Girls can be more trouble than they are worth half of the time. So chill and take some time off from them. Hit a strip club if you can.

Coming Clean From Cheating

Be Sincere – If you cheated on your girl, and you’re coming clean be truthfull about it. Tell her what happened, and how sorry youare about it. If you plan on cheating again, don’t be a dick, just end the relationship.

Expect Her To Be Pissed – No girl is going to shrug off being cheated on. She will probably be distanf for a few days, don’t think it is the end of the world. Talk to her when she wants to talk, and just try and comfort her. When I cheated on my girl and she found out, it was the end of the world for me. She didn’t talk to me for a couple days, and was very distant. But after a few more days we talked and got everything out in the open. Write her a note telling her how you feel, or send her some flowers, make sure she knows that she is number one in your heart.

Expect The Relationship Might End – You think your girl is going to automatically forgive you for your infedelity. Think again. She is going to be hurt, and it should come to no surprise that she might want to leave you for someone who can treat her right.

So there are some tips for cheating and being cheated on. I wrote it based on a man’s perspective, but it also applies to females. I don’t have all the answers, so leave some of your advice or stories in the Forum.

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