Ex-Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Ex-Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Ex-girlfriends, what can we say about them, besides the fact that they suck, cause us pain, and usually destroy our lives, they’re really not to bad. If your ex still has feelings for you, she’s good for sport fucking. Don’t let her get too attached, otherwise your back in the same boat again. Besides fucking them, here’s some other fun stuff you can do to your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend. 1. Go out with their friends. Say your ex broke up with you, and now you want to get them back. Start fooling around with his or her friends. Deep down your ex probably has some little feelings for you, and they might grow into something big if you’re fucking his/her friend. Give it a try, the worst thing that can happen is you get labeled a slut if you’re a girl, or you gain the envy of your buddy if you’re a guy. Watch out for those sloppy seconds, never know what you may catch.

2. If you’re still friends with your ex, you can ask for all types of favors. Example: You need a ride to work. You have no car. Give the ex a call and see if he/she will pick you up. Since they’ll want any excuse to see you, more likely than not you’ll get the ride. You can also get gifts this way. Try walking around the mall with your ex. Point out gifts that you wouldn’t mind receiving. When the anniversery that never was comes around, you’ll probably hit the jack pot.

3. Play fun mind games with them. This works incredibley well with girls. You can tell them how much you were missing them and how you want to get back together and make it all work again. She’ll eat this up, and probably give you play, then after your done, tell her it’s not working out and you need a break. She’ll be devestated, but once you get horny again pull the same trick. It will work like a charm.

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