Good Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Good Girlfriends :: I Want a New Girlfriend

So you think you have a good girlfriend. She cooks for you, cleans up after your mess, and does everything she can to make you happy. When she thinks, she thinks of you first. If you have all that then I commend you finding a girl to hold on to. If you don’t have all of this then check out some these perfect girlfriends.

Ashley Judd – This is the perfect woman. She is soooo fine. I have to thank god that she got to beauty gene of her family. Her sister may be able to sing, but she’s lacking in the looks department. I’ll watch any movie with her in it. I even watched the the first half of Simon Birch, until she got beaned in the head with a baseball. Look for her in; Kiss the Girls, Double Jeapordy, and some Marilyn Monroe movie.

Charlize Theron – The second most perfect woman in the world. Go rent Devil’s Advocate or even the Astronaut’s Wife, both classics flicks featuring this chick. I even sat through Reindeer Games because she was in it. She would totally be a good girlfriend. Imagine coming home to her after a long days work. Life would be good.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Any girl that makes out with another girl is going to be on this list. I had some cruel intentions after I saw her doing that.

Angelina Jolie – My ex-girlfriend wanted to see Girl Interupted when it was out in theaters for a week, so I was dragged to that chick flick. Once the movie started my only entertainment for the next two hours were the lesbos making out in front of me and Angelina’s lips. I couldn’t tell you anything about the story, or what happens in the movie, but I’ll never forget her.

Carmen Electra – Another Playboy/Baywatch babe. You can see her most recently in the movie ‘Scary Movie’. She’s only it for a little while, but it’s worth it.

Julia Roberts – Pretty woman sums this girl up completely. She’s got the long legs, nice lips, and tight body. Definitly a shaggable chick.

Shannon Doherty – Shannon is easy on the eyes, but it’s her ability in bed that gets her on this list. I bet she shags like it’s going out in style.

Laetitia Casta – I’ve had my eye on this french model since I first saw her. She’s got webpages dedicated to her all over the place.

The Doritos Girl – Ali Landry is fuckin smoking hot! I saw her first on the Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl, and haven’t been able to take my eyes off her since.

Alyssa Milano – This is one child star that grew up right. You can see her now on those collect call commercials, and Charmed. Also check out Embrace of the Vampire for some good tits and lesbo shots.

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