I Want a New Girlfriend – Tuesday July 8

I Want a New Girlfriend – Tuesday July 8

Back Motherfuckers! (9:00PM EST) Jack

Hey peeps, I’m back from my vacation and I’ve plenty of shit to postabout. I did a helluva lot on the island, but I wont bore you with all thosedetails. Instead I’m just going to rant and rave and post some pictures ofpretty naked women. Sounds like a plan right?

Here’s some pics I snapped at the one of the local clubs in the MV area. It’samazing the high quality of fresh teen ass they got going on there.

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Did you know your son or daughter’s Incredible Hulk doll hasHulk size penis? Check out these two pics to see what some little girl foundout!

I really really love lesbians… There’s just something perfectabout two hot girls making out and then going down on each other. Now I livenear a very heavily lesbian populated town, so I know that these ‘lesbian pics’are pure fantasy. But a 20-something heterosexual male can still dream about oneday banging two hot broads, right?

Here’s a little blast from the past that still makes me pitch atent in my pants…

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Does any one here play Star Wars Galaxies? I just picked upyesterday and I’m looking for some help. If you play please email at [email protected] instant message me.

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