I Want a New Girlfriend – Wednesday March 26

I Want a New Girlfriend – Wednesday March 26

Fuck Fuck Fuck (12:00PM EST) Jack

I’ve got a Math midterm in about 5 minutes, so this is going to have tobe a short and sweet post. I totally forgot to study for this bitch, and I knowshe’s totally going to eat my balls for breakfast. I REALLY need to do good onthis so I can finally finish my long college career. Wish me luck motherfuckers.

Last night the woman brought over Eminem’s “masterpiece” 8-Mile.The movie was half decent although it could have used a lot more of that slutBrittany Murphy fucking around. She’s really come a long way since she was thefat cow in Clueless. It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do for a girlsfuckable rating. If only more girls would realize that McDonalds and Wendy’s arenot “health food establishments” and that drinking a diet coke alongwith their super sized fries does not count as dieting. What the fuck do I knowthough, I’ve put on my share of pounds in the last year so who am I to bitchthat girls are too fat these days. Well, I am a man, and a little extra weightis no problem for me, and also all women should conform and look likesupermodels. Otherwise they are useless. I mean who wants a fat girlfriend??

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