March 1 – 15 2001 Post Archive :: I Want a New Girlfriend

March 1 – 15 2001 Post Archive :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Thursday March 15, 2001

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Hump Her In the Dumper! (5:20PM EST)Jack

I was thinking back to a time in my life when I had no problem gettinggirls. Of course I was only 14, but that’s beside the point. I was working as abus-boy in this restaurant making enough money to spend on baseball cards andvideo games. The job was fun, and it didn’t really require any use of my brain,which was perfect during the summer time.

As I’ve explained before, summer on Cape Cod is a chickfree-for-all. If you stick your arm out at the beach, you’re bound to hit atleast one hot chick. Her boyfriend might beat the crap out of you, but that’sbeside the point. Back in the day when I had all my hair, and no beer gut, I didalright. Especially in the summers. Now back the little story.

So I’m working clearing tables and shit, when I notice a tablefull of blondes. Now this isn’t some Hustler story so I’ll tell the truth. Itwas basically a couple of hot chicks with their mom, and her mom’s sister or soI thought. So I give the Jack grin to the table and proceed to go on working.

Like a half hour later, the table’s waitress comes up to me andsays that the blonde chick table wants to see me. I figure I’m pretty smooth, Ican talk to these fine ladies with stains all over my shirt, and still come offas a respectable kid. I wander over there with my head held high and ready toput some moves on the ladies…..

As fate would have it, the elder blonde speaks first…Bla-blaing about the weather, and other stuff like traffic and crap like that. Ifigure this all pretty much pointless until, the classic words leave her mouth.”Would you like to show my daughter around some night this week……”It was like a ray from heaven came down and lit up this chick’s face.

She was a quiet girl, but she was super hot… So I toldthe mom that I would be happy to show her daughter some of the more excitingparts of Cape Cod. We made plans to get together at the beach and I’d take herout after that. Now remember, I’m like 14 and no where’s near driving a car. Iknew I had to think of something, otherwise I’d be shit out of luck with thischick.

Part 2. Tomorrow

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Slap Her in the Crapper! (2:57PM EST)Jack

Today has been a long day, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to endanytime soon. Couple of cool links to throw out to you people today though.Check out Banned From1515. Wicked new site, but I’m sure it’s going to get even better asmore shit is added. Plus it’s from the guy that made those cool banners we’vegot floating around now.

Also check out Kymbly’sSite. This is girl is one hot piece of ass, too bad she’s got aboyfriend. She’ll be moonlighting on one of the cam portals, not sure which onejust yet. Another quick site to spend some time on is MyEx Sucks. If you’ve got an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend story, send itin to me, and then send it into their site.

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The Dope On Scooby Doo

Everyone remembers the cartoon show Scooby-Doo from their early childhood,right? But something you may not remember is what the show was really about. Aswe’ve gotten older, it has become more clear what Fred, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma,and Scooby were actually doing as they traversed the continent foiling crimes ofall sorts in the Mystery Machine.

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