– Monday March 10 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

– Monday March 10 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Monday Madness (5:00PM EST) Jack

Well it’s another Monday and I’m back after a weekend to post morestories and porn for everyone. I didn’t really do shit this weekend so I have afeeling it’s going to be more porn and less writing. Good think I set up those userJournals, so at least you might find something interesting toread.

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So we’re a third into March and it’s still fucking freezing outside. I’mseriously thinking about relocating to Florida where it’s always nice and thegirls are always in bikinis. I mean what could be wrong with a place that iswarm all year round and has some of the most beautiful girls in world? I meanit’s got to be a million times better that Wmass where you have your choicebetween white girl sluts who love the black cock, and these hillbilly girls thatbrush their teeth once a week. At least on the Cape we got a fresh crop of pussyeach summer. Up here all the hot college girls go home and it’s really slimpickings.

At least I got Monica though.. cause without her there would be some longnights with Rosy Palm and her five sisters. And thank god that she LOVES thelittle Sully. I mean I’ve gone out with girls before that use sex as a way toget exactly what they want. I think mostly all girls do to this to an extent,but since Monica loves to make the sex, I know just as well as she does that shecan’t punish me by denying the sex. That would be punishing her as much as me!Back in the day I had this girlfriend that I would get in little arguments with,and then she say something like no sex for a week. This fucking cunt would pulla stunt like that at least twice a month. If only I had known what I know backthen, it would have been a totally different (and shorter) relationship.

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Any one else besides me looking forward to the new Stephen King flick,Dreamcatcher? I use to read all his books back in the day, and this movie lookskind of bad ass. I’m hoping it’s going to be like the Thing, a classic flickthat I still watch just about every month. It opens next week, so show yoursupport for the man and buy a couple of tickets!!

There was something else I wanted to write about, but I can’treally remember now. Maybe it’ll come to me, or maybe not, but check back laterfor some more pics and videos!

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