Monday May 19 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Monday May 19 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Me. Me. Me. Me Too (9:00PM EST) Jack

It’s day like these that make me extremely glad to be a whiteheterosexual male. I think every decent girl in Western Mass was out wearing hershortest shorts, and her tiniest tank tops. I’m pretty glad I’m not a ‘brother’because the site of flab hanging out of two sizes too small spandex, reallydoesn’t do anything for me. But hey, to each his own..

With summer right around the corner it means you people wont be visiting thesite as much as you used to. Which is kind of weird since traffic seems to havegone up these last couple of weeks. It gives me a little more motivation toupdate the site though, I’ll tell you that. And with this added motivation thatmeans a lot more porn and stuff, so keep coming back. Here’s some movies for yaright now…

BackSeat Bangers Videos

– Vid #1 – Vid #2 – Vid #3 – Vid #4 – Vid #5 – Vid #6-

More girls getting fucked in the back seat!

Did anyone watch the season finale of the bachelor last night? The onlyreason I ask is because I caught like the final thing where he proposed to thebroad and it seemed like the girl was only interested in two things, the diamondring she grabbed for, and the money that this guy would be able to give her. Youalmost have to feel bad for this guy, but not really. If he’s that much of adumbass that he can’t get girls in real life, I don’t really feel to bad if thisgirl marries him and then takes half his cash. Serves the fucker right…

Want to see my newcollection of VIP party pics? Check out intheVIP where all the girls are hot,all the drinks are free, and all the drugs are of the finest quality!!

Speaking of drugs, how come more Webmasters don’t talk about their personaldrug use. I know I can’t be the only person who smokes a little crack on theweekend. Shit, to run a website you have to have a little something somethinggoing on the side. I know I wouldn’t be able to crank up an update every week ifit weren’t the occasional ( meaning daily) crack rock. By the way, if you’ve gotany good drug stories send over and I’ll post them on the site.

Running this site takes a lot of effort and with out the supportand links from these following people there’s no way I’d be able to do it. Soclick on the pretty girl pictures and go visit a new site.

Rememberhow I said you people should go ahead and make some journals?? Well, some of youactually did! Check it out if you’re interested in what people who read the sitehave to say.

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