– Thursday July 17 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

– Thursday July 17 – 2003 :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Longest Update Ever (12:00AM EST) Jack

Since I’m only doing one update per week now, I figure I might as wellmake them HUGE updates so you don’t go through Porn withdrawals while I’m outfucking future Porn stars. I’m increasing the Porno by over 100% and that shouldkeep you satisfied until I decide to power up the computer and post the finestbabes on the internet. You guys are lucky that I’m nice enough to weed throughthe skanks, whores, and crusty broads so you don’t have to.

It’s been a busy week for me, and as the summer starts to draw to a closeit’s only going to get busier. I’ve got school starting up in the fall and methe woman are going to be starting our own business. It’s actually going to belegitimate, and not involved in the XXX. I’m wicked lucky that I found such asmart chick, otherwise I’d be living in my crappy apartment building until mypubes started turning gray. Maybe if we strike it big, I’ll finally buy a newbed and get rid of the squeaky futon I’ve got now. I know the people underneathmy room would really appreciate that.

So I got a lot of emails about me getting my girl to participate in athreesome. Most of them went something like this..

“Dude! How did you get your girlfriend to go down on another girl?!Tell me your secret!”

“Hey man, that’s awesome you scored another girl, now how can iconvince my girlfriend to do the same?”

“How can I get my cousin to join in with me and my niece?”Joe Bob Alabama, USA

Since I’m such a nice guy, and I love all you IWANG readers so much, I’llpost my detailed guide to fucking another girl while your girlfriend watches and/ or participates. It’s just a few simple steps so read carefully.

1. Now you probably know your girlfriend better than me (unless I picked herup at a bar some night) so if she’s more on the prudish side you’re better offjust dumping her and picking up some whore you can meet off the internet. Signsthat your girlfriend is prude… She doesn’t let you blow a load on her face,she doesn’t swallow, or she doesn’t even go down on you. These are all signsthat your girlfriend is a prude, and will not be to keen on having another pussygrinding in her face. If you’re actually with this type of girl for more than amonth, you’re a fuckwad and probably should not be reading this site anyways.

2. Now that we’ve weeded out all the pussy-whipped chuckleheads it’s time toget down to business. Instead of telling your girlfriend that you “want tofuck two girls at the same time” why don’t you start out with somethinglike “damn woman you’d look mighty fine making out with another girl!”This is best said with a black accent and a Barry White type voice. If you can’tdo that, than just try and sound as cool as fucking possible. If your girlfriendis down for the idea, she’ll say something like “Really? I’ve alwayswondered what another girls’ pussy juice would taste like. When can westart?!” You probably wont be so lucky, but keep dropping hints and judgeher reaction. By the end of the week you should going out to dinner and lookingfor prospective girls to join in.

3. Remember your girlfriend is going to have the final say on the girl, somake sure you pick out girls that aren’t Porn star hot. If your girlfriendstarts to feel threatened she’s not going to be opening her legs for anythingexcept the jaws of life. Keep your picks in your range and everything should gosmoothly. By my calculations 99% of girls are lesbians in waiting so you shouldhave no problem finding a girl that will want to fuck both of you.

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