What to Do When She Doesn’t Want You Anymore :: I Want a New Girlfriend

What to Do When She Doesn’t Want You Anymore :: I Want a New Girlfriend

So the relationship of your dreams has ended and your feeling wicked down, what do you do? Your girl dumped you for some Puerto Rican drug smuggler, and now your left with nothing except for the memories of happier times. You have two choices of what you can do….Try and win her back, or go out and find a new girlfriend. I’ll let you make choose, but I’ll offer some tips on both ways.

Trying To Win Her Back

Win Her Over With Your Personality – Ok, so made her want to go out with you in the beginning who is to say that you can’t do it again. Since you guys are broken up now, but she gave you the ‘Let’s be friends’ speech, show her that you can be her friend. Do some nice things for her, still take her out occasionally, and basically just treat her like a queen. Don’t make it seem like you are whipped, just treat her right, and she’ll respect that.

Give Her What She Wants – As much as we guys hate to admit, girls are smarter than us. They can see through our little tricks, and don’t fall for our games. Girls want the total package. Brains, looks, stability, and compassion. You have to show her that you have all of these characteristics. Prove to her that you can be the ‘perfect’ guy. I had a girl dump me because I wasn’t what her parents wanted her going out with. Granted I was a 20 year old pasta cook at an Italian restaurant, and not the doctor they imagined their little girl going out with.

Don’t Beat Up Her New Boyfriend – As much fun as that sounds, it’s not going to win your girl back any quicker. Also in this category, do not stalk her, slash her tires, or threaten her in any way. These are all detemental to your cause.

If All Else Fails – Apologize your ass off, and tell her how you are going to change and be perfect again. If none of these ideas work, goto the next section.

Getting Over Her Or Getting Rid Of Her

So It Didn’t Work Out – It’s not the end of the world. Now either you don’t want her, or she doesn’t want you, so it’s time to move on. Don’t sit at home moping about how you are such a loser, and nobody loves you. Hit the bars and the clubs, be on the lookout for the next one. Although if you are just getting out of a serious relationship, it’s not in your best interest to jump into another one. Have some fun and meet new people, it’s the best way to move on.

Don’t Be An Asshole – Don’t be a dickhead and go out with her friends, or show up at her place of work with your new girlfriend. I hate how when relationships end, each person tries to hurt the other. It’s pretty gay. If your ex is trying to hurt you, be a man and ignore it. She’ll move on eventually.

Have Some Frickin Fun Man – I have to keep stressing this point. People will sit around and do nothing except wallow in there pain and suffering. Go out and do something. Do something that you have never done before, something that scares you, or something you love doing. If you sit around thinking about shit all day you’ll never get over it. So enjoy life, and remember there are many fish in the sea.

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