When to Lose Your Virginity :: I Want a New Girlfriend

When to Lose Your Virginity :: I Want a New Girlfriend

Virginity is what every guy is trying to lose since he discovered what the penis is for. I remember in high school losing your virginity was a pretty big deal. It bumped you up in the social standings, and even got you more play. But nowadays we see stories of girls as little as 11 years old not only losing their virginity but, fucking getting pregnant. What’s up with that? At 11 I was still interested in G.I. Joe’s and baseball cards. Maybe that’s why I was a late bloomer, but we’ll talk more about that later.

So when should you lose your virginity? As young as possible or wait until the sacred night of your marriage? I think somewhere in between there. Don’t be such a prude that you’re giving your boyfriend blue-balls every night, but don’t be the town slut either. Most people do find that middle ground, and make life happy.

Pros For Waiting For Sex:

1. No Pregnancies: Pregnancies are what scare me the most about sex. Although I’ve had some close calls, but been relatively safe. There’s no way I could deal with having a kid right now, I’m still a kid myself. Imagine all the little runts running around on the web cam??

2. No STD’s: STD’s are a pretty scary thing too. Who wants to wake up one morning with herpes, or something worse. Everytime you sleep with someone you’re fucking every person they have done too. Nice thing to think about while your girlfriend is moaning on the bed…… If you’re being celibate you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff.

3. Sex Complicates: Ever heard the expression “Sex always changes everything.” Well, it does big time. Say you have this wicked cool friend who you hang with, and just kick back and relax with. Then you go and stick your manroot in her coochie. Things will never be the same. Shit will change between you guys, and you’ll wish you could take back the throws of passion. But you can’t and you’re stuck with the memories of hot, sweaty, kinky, dirty sex. I guess it’s not that bad of a thing.

Pros For Having Sex:

1. You get laid.

2. Your manroot gets some action.

3. Probably gonna feel some boobies.

4. Gonna get cooter.

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